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Allow God to use you as His Channel of Love

Spirit:       Andrew

Medium:   Al Fike

Location:  Bend, Oregon, USA

Date:        May 22, 2017

We are well pleased with these two instruments who have traveled far and have been an instrument and channel to touch many souls. They have followed their guidance. Each day has been a blessing and each day has not been wasted, for God uses his instruments in many ways, on many levels. I know you may not from one day to the next recognize that God is using you as a channel of His Love. It is nonetheless the truth and you have seen how God has carried you on a wave of Love, has brought people to you. You have come to touch others with a smile, a comment, an intention to be a channel of Love for that day. This is how it is, my beloveds, your intention and desire to be a channel of Love with each day will bring a multitude of experiences and connections in that day. For God uses your gifts and your presence to touch many souls. And because you have walked in faith, you have said “yes, I will journey forward and seek to be Your instrument”, that these many events have come to pass, some of overt recognition and love and others more subtle. It is because you have chosen to move in the world, to walk amongst mankind, to hold your head up in love and a willingness to connect with many other souls, that God has used you in this way and will use each beautiful soul who says I am willing, I am willing to walk amongst my brothers and sisters as a light.

God needs many instruments, many instruments that are willing to do so. And though within your minds you see no rhyme or reason, nothing purposeful or logical, you are not being used in this way, you are being used as a channel of Love. It is your soul awakened and guided that is active in this regard. It requires your faith, my beloveds, to walk in faith with a certain confidence that God will guide you, that the unfolding of each day is guided, directed and utilized fully. Your willingness, your openness, your desire to be a channel with each day that comes will set forth many events, unexpected, often subtle, but powerful in the way that souls are affected, seeds are planted, Light is shared, Love is given.

So, my beloveds, each day is a gift, each day is full of potential and possibilities if you are but willing to follow the promptings of God’s Guidance, to be inspired, to continuously connect yourself with God, that that flow from God through you and to you is  a constant. Even a prayer in your home alone may be utilized to benefit others. There are many, many ways that God can use you, my beloveds. Do not put limitations on these possibilities. Do not judge yourself as not being an instrument of God because you do not see how God uses you. No, my beloveds, continue to assert this understanding that you are an instrument of God, a channel of His Love, guided by God. And it shall be so as long as you do not put any barriers in the way. God will guide you to where you are meant to go, who you are meant to be with, how the unfolding of His great Plan for the salvation of mankind will include you and your life in this great Plan. It is that innocence, that faith, that clarity of mind, that deep intention of your soul that will bring about what is meant to be in your life. Each of you walks a unique path, each has unique gifts, each can be utilized in many different ways. There is no need to be analytical or highly intentional. No, merely to walk in faith, openly and innocently guided through your days. Each step you take will lead to the next and the next and your life will be an expression of Light, a channel of Love. When your days are over and you look back upon your life, you will look back with a sense of satisfaction, of joy. I have lived my life in the flow of God’s Will. I have dedicated myself as a channel of His Love and my soul is alight with His Love. My life has been touched by His Love. My actions are informed by His Love. Beloveds, continue as you have, to be a channel of Love in the world and all will unfold in harmony and beautiful light.

I thank each of you that you have these intentions and desires to be a channel of Love. We in spirit will continue to accompany you, as we too are a part of this great Plan. We too, act as God’s channels and instruments and we utilize your gifts and presence in many ways. And thus the flow of the chain of Light continues to be forged in this world.

Blessings to you, my beloveds, blessings upon your journeys. May each footfall be blessed. May each act be an act of Love within the Grace of God. May every thought be of the highest. May everyone you meet receive a blessing of some sort which God will place upon them as long as you are a clear and willing channel for this. God bless you, beloveds. I am Andrew and I love you.