Spirit: Abdul Latif
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 10, 2020
Location: Monroeville, Pa

I am Abdul Latif. I am glad to see that my friend and charge continues to come to meet you all and share her experiences of the spirit. She has much to share and we have much to say to assist her upon her journey. She does not realise the very power that she holds within her, a power that manifests in her body so acutely.  Yet, once she finds harmony and release of these energies in ways that are meant to be expressed, she will find great relief in these conditions that are at times difficult and complicated.

For the rest of you, my friends, I wish to comment that your efforts together in your group have created a great Light, have benefited many souls both on my side and yours. In fact, many spirits have come and gathered around you each day curious about this bright light that manifests in your world, seeking to know why. Many spirits and angels have utilised this opportunity to speak and teach to those who have gathered, many who are in darkness, many who are confused, many who are seeking Light and Truth.

Your work has many layers, my friends. What you do together not only affects you personally but has such an affect that multiplies out in all directions. In this way, God uses you, my beloved friends. In this way, your instrumentality and your willingness to reach for the highest Love of all and the highest Light and Truth of all, brings such blessings for many. Remember this, even when you pray singly you are drawing a light to you that reflects out to many others.

Your prayers are important. Your efforts together are important.  As our dear friend Keea has said, there is much more to come. Many opportunities will be made available to you all. For your efforts and your instrumentalities, the power of your soul, a light with God’s Love, will help to bring the changes to your world that are required, the changes to the understanding of humanity which must come. This shift of thinking and of doing in the world, of seeing in the world from that deeper place, that deeper knowing of the soul, must come and be a part of all the cultures, all the peoples, of this world. You can assist God in this way with your prayers, with your desires that your beleaguered world will come to healing and balance and harmony, that all within your world will come to know upliftment and truth and harmony.

Continue with your work, my friends. Continue to seek and know the great purpose of your soul. I am Abdul Latif and I am happy to be here with you today. May God bless you and keep you in His Love. My love is with you. God bless you.