Spirit: Mylora
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 3, 2019
Location: Waianae, HI

May the love of God continue to infill your soul til bursting with Love. My name is Mylora and I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. I come with the dear daughter from so far off for I am one of her guides. She has a beautiful gift of including the seeking souls and bringing the Truth of the Father’s Love to those who seek and pray, embracing and accepting many, giving of her heart, giving of the knowledge that she has within her soul of the truth of God’s existence and the nature of God and all that is of God. She is aligned with these things with a pure heart. So with each of you, my friends, you bring your special guides and teachers with you and many spirits and many who are curious and who desire to know how to come to Light.

As you travel the world, as you come from different places around the world, so those who follow you (and there are many) come to be with you in these Circles of Light. They open to the blessings that God has to give within these Circles. For when God blesses the Circle of Light, the Light and blessings pour down upon your Circle like a big container of Love and Light, and from there it spreads out to all those who are surrounding you.

There are many, beloved souls, who are surrounding you at this time. If you could see the smile on their faces, the recognition in their eyes, the sense that God truly loves them, you would know that the work that you do together in these Circles of Light are powerful and very important to the world!  For the world is a vast place and the world is a place of many layers, of many realities, not just your physical world but all the realities of the spirit world. But here within the physical it is possible for all these spirits from all these different places and levels of progression may come and mingle together in this Light and come to see for themselves what it is that you desire and long for and pray for.

This gift of Love that God has to give to you and to them becomes evident as they see your lights, beloved souls, your beautiful lights and in their witnessing of these lights, so hope builds within their hearts, desire builds within their souls, and they begin to understand how simple is a prayer, how beautiful is the experience, how powerful is the effect and the blessing that God has upon each here in the flesh and in the spirit, so many.

As you continue to progress, so your lights will draw more and more into your midst. The power of your love and light of the soul becomes a great beacon, especially when you gather together and multiply the effects of the Light, soul to soul to soul, creating a beautiful light, a beautiful drawing light that is seen far and wide and attracts many souls.

So you bring your gifts and your beauty and your soul will draw many and bring the blessings of God to the Earth, a place that is in so much trouble and chaos and darkness. So you penetrate the darkness with your prayers, making way for God’s blessings to come forth and spread and flow upon the lost souls and the curious souls and those who wish to pray with you and are of light, so many, so many, and all your loved ones, and the souls who are associated with you and who are deeply connected in love, so these blessings go forth to them as well.

God will use you as His channels, creating this mighty channel of Love to bring blessings to the world, to many you know not of but who are at this moment praying to God for blessings. So God can use this great flow of Light and Love to touch their souls, to bring healing and comfort to many. Your efforts to come together, my friends, are not wasted for each moment in prayer is a great boon to your world and to mine.

Remember this, my friends, that you come together in love and unity, in prayer and in joy, in music and in laughter, in all the goodness that God has created within you. So this is the powerful antidote to all that ails the souls of this world. You will continue to shine bright, ever brighter as you are His channel of Love.

I come to acknowledge you and to acknowledge my dear and beloved charge who prays and works and prays some more for the benefit of her brothers and sisters. So do we not all do as much for all in this world and for one another and for ourselves to lift ourselves up beyond this dark place and be in the great Light of the Heavenly Father.

God bless you, beloved souls, continue to seek the Light, to stretch towards the Light with your soul and give to God all longings of your soul that He may respond with joy and love, with peace and healing touch.

God bless you. God bless you, beloveds. I am Mylora and my love is with you. God bless you.