Spirit:  Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date:  March 18, 2019
Location: St. Louis, MO

I am Augustine. As you continue to gather the souls together, so we are creating a powerful network of light in your world. As you continue to strengthen the bonds of love together, so this network of light is charged with the energy, the love that comes as a result of your efforts. As you continue to reach out to many in many different ways, so you are building this network of light in the world. It will grow, beloved souls. It will grow and expand. Its vibrancy and vitality will have its effects upon the conditions of your world.

This is all part of God’s plan, beloveds, to encapsulate the world in light, to help heal and ameliorate the conditions of darkness in your world, to influence all who live in your world and encourage higher thoughts and actions, things that are of light and love. This is God’s plan, and you continue to serve to these ends. This brings joy to God and to us to see that you are willing, beloved servants, to walk in light, to encourage light, to be instruments, to bring greater light to this world.

Though there are may be some who are incredulous as to how you may accomplish this and the beautiful and bright spirits who may come close to you, I say all who are willing to serve God in this way, to bring light and truth in many ways to your world will be blessed in this way, will receive great blessings and beautiful visitations helping to uplift and encourage each one who is willing to serve. For God continues to pour His Light and Love on your world and this helps facilitate all our work. Whether we are from the world of spirit or the world of the material, it is God’s Touch and blessing upon all that make many things possible, that opens many doors and portals, possibilities and efforts, blessed and empowered by love, by God’s Love.

Do not underestimate the power of this, the importance of it, the beauty and glory of all that flows from God to this world and blesses all our efforts, all our efforts to bring truth and love, peace and joy. You continue to reap the rewards of your efforts, beloved souls, and know greater openings of your own soul. Deeper understandings that come with each day, each prayer, each effort that you make. The flow of God’s Will in your life intensifies, continuing to open the doors, the possibilities, continuing to strengthen you in your efforts to do God’s Will in the world, continuing to empower all of these facilities to bring greater light to your world, greater truth and deep peace.

May you continue in your work, my beloved friends, to enact the Will of God with each breath, to know the Love of God with each moment, to be in the flow, the great river of His Love that carries you forward bringing many gifts, surprises, blessings, awakenings, and opportunities in your life. This will continue and this must continue, for there is a great effort to awaken humanity, to help bring peace and harmony to this world, to bring the awareness of God to each soul that they may utilize the blessings of God to change this world and bring it to harmony.

May God’s blessings continue to touch you all, beloveds. May His blessings continue to pour upon this house, this family, to you dear son who are so eager. So much to do, beloveds, so much to learn, to grow within your soul, so much that is possible. May you come to know your true selves. Each day may there be an opening, awakening, a knowing. May God’s beloved peace rest upon you.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Augustine, your teacher. My love is with you. God’s Love continues to pour upon you. God bless you.