Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 13, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Blessings to those who seek the Father’s Love. I come, I am Jesus and I come to pray with you, beloved souls. Indeed your innocence resides within your souls, that place pure and of light. Beloved souls, you are God’s children and God wraps each one of you in His Love, carries you in the light of His touch, upholds you in the flow of His Will and Love for you and guides you thusly upon the path of love that is meant for each of you.

You are unique within each soul. You are beautiful and innocent like a child. In the center of your soul is a light pure and filled with grace as you seek the Father’s Touch upon it, and that light builds within you. So it grows ever brighter and awakens your soul ever more fully. You are His children who walk upon the path divine and seek to know the truth of your Father’s great Soul that reaches to you so that you may be touched deeply, healed fully, awakened completely in the truth of His Love.

I come as His messenger of Love. I come to encourage you to awaken to His Love. I come because I am your elder brother and I love each of you as my brothers and sisters upon this path of truth. My deep desire for each of you is to become a disciple of truth in the world, to be that example of light so that others may see and know the truth validated within each one of you as you walk and be upon the earth as a light, as a true light.

Beloveds, I am with you all upon this journey to confront the darkness and to bring light into those dark corners of the world. I am with you. Continue to pray for your brothers and sisters, continue to walk upon the earth as a light. You are so very needed, you are so beautiful, you are truly a part of this great journey that we all take together. Beloveds souls, my love for you is great, God’s Love for you is greater than all the suns and stars combined. This light is greater and the power of that light is beyond all the power of material creation combined. Know this power, this glory, this light that can change your soul and expand within you infinitely as you receive evermore of this blessing and know that together, through the power of God touching each of you, that you can change the world and that you can be a harbinger of truth, love and light. I am with you, and shall never leave.

Beloved and beautiful souls, I am with you and my love for you is eternal as God’s Love is eternal and the Love that buds and grows within you is eternal, a flame that grows ever brighter, a light that shall indeed rival the power of the stars and all of God’s Creation, that light grows forever, beloveds. We are together in the power of God’s Love, and together we shall journey forward, our lights brightening. The power of our instrumentality to bring God’s blessings through us will grow as we walk together in this light, as we are together in His Love. Beloved Father, bless my brothers and sisters, bless them, enfold them in love and keep them in Your loving care.

Beloveds souls, beloveds souls, my love is with you. God bless you, God bless you all in His grace and touch.