Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 24, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Josephus and I have come to be with you in your prayers. You have drawn Light to you my friends. Your heartfelt prayers open the doors to God’s Presence. Do you feel the peace, the stillness that comes with your prayers? Do you know the Grace of God, for this is what your souls yearn for? This is what God wishes to give to you, a sense of His Presence, a knowing of His Love, the Grace of His Touch uplifting and bringing peace to you all.

May your souls continue to yearn in prayer for this experience, this Grace that comes with the longing, a desire for Truth and for Love. There is so much that God wishes to give each child in your world and there are so many who have no idea or inkling of what is available, what can be given, what Love can pour upon them in such great abundance that if a great many of your brothers and sisters would pray with you in this way, such a flood of Light and Love would engulf your world and uplift and clear the conditions that are of the human expression.

The Divine Touch, beloved souls, is what will heal your world. You must all make great effort in prayer to receive this Touch, His Living Waters pouring into your soul. So little else is necessary, so little and yet so great is this blessing. As you quench your thirst, know that you come to a place that creates the foundation not only for your life in this world but in the next. This cleansing Love washes you clean, brings to you Truth and Wisdom, opens to you the capacities of Love and all its manifestations.

This great gift from God will awaken you and lead you along roads and byways unanticipated yet thrilling to the soul, knowing that it is following the Will of God. Walk upon this road and know that God is guiding you, awakening all the beauty and wonderment that is you, bringing forth the gifts and power of healing and love, insight and wisdom, that will assist you to bless and teach your beloved brothers and sisters. It is the power of Love, the Love of God, its Essence that will bring great change to you, clearing away the obstacles, healing the pain, bringing deep peace, and bringing to your minds the knowledge and understanding of all things spiritual that you so desire.

May God lift you up, my beloved brothers and sisters, all who come to embrace one another and share in this Holy Communion of God’s Touch. Awaken. Feel the joy of your own soul recognizing its Creator and acknowledging the beauty of this Communion and at-onement. Be at peace, beloveds. Be at peace.

God bless you. I am Josephus. My love is with you. God bless you.