Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 10, 2019
Location: Fitzroy Falls, New South Wales, Australia

This is your teacher Augustine. I was with you in your conversations this morning. You have some questions regarding the effectiveness of your efforts in this group of challenging and variable souls, the Circle that gathered together.

Beloved souls, you do not truly comprehend the power of your message nor the power of your presence amongst these seeking children. Know that when you gather souls together in this way, as you’ve been guided to do, that we too are with these souls. We too bring our influence to them. Of course, God is pouring His blessings of Love upon each one. Do you not think that for those who have very firm ideas and understandings of the mind that this would be challenging to them? Because it is not the mind that we are attempting to stir. It is the soul. When the soul is stirred there is often a sense  of being confronted. There is a sense of being uncomfortable, restless within.

So with this challenge to each soul, the mind tries to project certain discomforts and dissatisfactions. This may be shared with you but in truth the flaws that they may have indicated to your techniques and your ways are merely a way of masking that challenge that has come to the soul. For certain personalities, when they feel challenged in any way, they will insist and be forceful about their understandings, their view of the truth. There is a mild sense of being threatened by your presence.

So I say to you, whatever group you gather together, these conditions will be present to some degree or another. No matter if you have all the technical issues, as you call them, ironed out, there will still be this stirring of the individuals seeking to find fault and flaws in your message. But beloved souls, you have done your work and you have done so beautifully. You have assisted God in planting the seeds of Truth within their souls and to stir their souls so that they may at some time listen and respond to the yearnings of their souls.

Considering that you live upon the Earth plane that is filled with mental conditions, intellectual reasoning, willful and personal desires for power, for recognition, and for love, you will encounter resistance because you do not encourage and give those who wish to speak their truth and impose their ideas upon you that window of opportunity to do so. Yes, they may have some measure of possibility to share. They may indeed speak some of their philosophy but your presence and your Light, the conditions that you bring, the Love that you bring draws the participants back to the message that you wish to speak of. You have done so admirably. It was not a group that was easily swayed, at least within their minds, but all left this Circle with the sense that something had happened, a touch deep within them that will in some future day bring to them in a conscious way, the Truth, the invitation from God to know His Love and to receive that gift of His Love.

If you continue to sit in Circles with individuals who know this Truth well and are in harmony with you in your prayers and your desires and intentions, then you will be well-gratified in these Circles. There will be a sense of unity but what have you been asked, beloved brothers and sisters, to go out into the world to speak this Truth, to share it, to be an example of it. You are doing so. You have found that your experiences have been wonderful and some have been challenging.

Is this not the way of your world, beloved souls? Is this not a reflection of the conditions in your world. What we asked of you is to not judge another. Do not expect from another that you may be gratified in your Circles of prayers and feel the most Holy Presence, the great upliftment that you have felt in every instance, every Circle that you bring together, for this expectation is unrealistic. But I want to assure you that every individual soul that has come into this room in prayer has been touched deeply within their soul.

Whether their minds have accepted this, whether they even understand what has happened to any degree, their souls yearn for this. It is the yearning of their souls that brought them together in this Circle. God responded as God always does to that yearning.

The great variety of thought that is in your world, these often complex interpretations of God’s Creation and the Truth of God’s existence are so indicative of the journey that mankind has taken over the millennia of its existence upon this planet. From the very beginning, the choice was for independence from God. It is not surprising that choice has only strengthened the resolve within so many to put aside God or to say “I am God” or to say “All is God and I do not understand other than what I see and feel in my physical existence and my mind.”

This is the distortion that has accumulated over so many, many years. This distortion continues to intensify and multiply and carry humanity into directions that can only lead to conditions that are not in harmony with God’s Creation, God’s Laws. So in order to help others recalibrate their orientation to life, the changes of which we speak are necessary. They are gift from God. They will bring many souls to a state of humility, of true questioning. Knowing that no, they are not the powerful beings that they thought they were in the way that they assume is the case. But rather God is the Great Creator and the Source of All. Many will come to realize this and acknowledge with humility that they need to know their Creator. They need to honor their Creator. And they need to honor this world and themselves and all within it with love not with the sense that I know the Truth and I shall speak it with power and you must listen.

This is not the way of God. God comes gently to embrace you, to uplift you, to love you, and to show you the way, and to respect your free will in the process. This is the way of Love. This is the way you have exemplified in your leadership in these gatherings and will continue to do so. I am sure I do not need to tell you that it is unnecessary to put the mechanisms of your Circles before the power of Love that is required to ignite Truth within it. Please be prayerful and be focused upon your own soul with relationship with God and be a channel of Love always, a channel of Love. No matter what is spoken by another, keep in your mind and your soul the realization that this is a child of God who possesses a soul that hungers for God. When they say an untruth, when they are so insistent upon their way, their understanding, say a prayer for them. “Father, put the desire for your Love within their soul.” For if you challenge and correct and insist, you will only join that condition and sustain that condition that is in truth the human condition. Be wise in your words, beloveds. Be gentle but firm. Consider that God has that soul within His embrace as well, whether they know it or not. They surely will find this to be true at some time. You have merely reminded these children that it is true. You have spoken truly and honestly and with love. What more can we ask of you, beloved children? What more can be said but the simple Truth?

You will find as you continue to grow in these efforts, in your soul, in all that you do, in all of your prayers and your light, your beauty, the beauty of your soul that continues to grow and awaken that it will become easier. Because what you manifest will be undeniable and many will flock to you for they hunger so. The power of the Light within your souls will strike the chord within their soul that says “Listen. Yearn for God. Be His humble child and know that in this way, all the answers will come, all the dilemmas will be solved, all harmony will prevail.”

The great foundation to all of this is Love and Faith. One must trust in God and allow God to awaken them in all ways, in every aspect, every part of them must be touched and healed by God. You have discovered this Truth and you continue to yearn for this Touch and accept the changes that come with this Touch and you feel the blessings and Love of God. You will reach many souls, beloveds. As we have said before, the vast majority of souls that you will reach are ones that are not on this plane but in the planes of spirit that come to listen to you, to watch what is happening in these Circles of Light.

When your time comes to pass into our world, you will realize how well you are known, how many have benefitted by your actions, your words, your light, your example. So do not underestimate the power of your efforts, beloveds. Do not have great expectations of universal acknowledgment of this universal Truth. For in your world, this is a very unrealistic expectation. But of all the thousands and millions of souls in God’s Creation, you are having an effect upon many and this effect you do not know of to a large degree. So with humility and with faith, I ask you to accept what is, to move on, and know you have done your task, what God has asked of you, that God is pleased, that we are pleased with your efforts. We do not expect perfection. We do not expect that all things required to come together in these Circles of Light will be perfect. But I tell you, the perfect Light of God was present and that is what brings us joy. And that is what is important.

Be well-pleased with your efforts, beloveds, for how many Circles such as this exist in the world? How many are willing to go to the effort to make themselves available to be in flow of God’s Will and Grace? Very few indeed, beloved souls, very few indeed. The work is great and the workers are few. Know that you are loved, that you are deeply loved and that every effort that you make bringing through the Truth of God’s Love, bringing into your own self, bringing it into this world is a blessed effort and one that will be well-rewarded.  I assure you, beloved souls, well-rewarded.

God bless you, beloveds. Your teacher Augustine is with you and acknowledges your struggles, your challenges but they are small compared to the wonderment of your efforts, to the brightness of your souls, to the effects that are reverberating not only in this little Circle but I tell you, they are reverberating around the world touching the souls of humanity. May God bless you in these efforts in which we all are involved in harmony with God’s Will and God will surely bless all that we do. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.