Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 7, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

May God’s great blessings befall upon you, beloved souls. I am your brother, I am Jesus and I am the Christ. I am the one who opened the doors to this great blessing for all of you, the first to do so since the beginning. So you have come to know this blessing, this open door that is available to you and to all humanity. I stepped forward in my ministry, for God asked me to do so, and I ask each and every one of you to step forward to bring the glad tidings of God’s Love to humanity. For the door is open wide for all souls, but they must ask, they must seek, and they must pray for this gift as you have prayed and sought for it. 

Beloved souls, I am with each one of you. Some of you have known me, have felt me and have recognized me in some way. I tell you now, my promise to each of you is that you will each know me in some way and affirm that I have been with you. For this is my desire, to be with my brothers and sisters, to uphold them, to assure them and to continue to be a light for you all. For as I am God’s instrument, His beacon of light, so it follows that all who are touched by the Love of God shall be His instruments and beacons of light in accordance to their commitment, prayers and desires to receive the great bounty of God’s Essence, His soulful Touch upon you. It is yours to receive, beloved souls, it is always available to each of you. Every time you pray, every time that longing goes forth to God you affirm the truth, and as that longing and the blessings grow within you, so does your faith, so does your understanding of this truth and the expression of it in your lives. Seek and ye shall find, my beloved souls. 

Know that I am with you and I shall never leave, for I am your true friend and shall always be. For we are bonded in love, we are bonded in this Truth. We are bonded because we have sought together the great blessing of God. And each of you is destined to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven when that time comes when all vestiges of the human condition have left you and the great Love of God has transformed you into something closer to the Divine. I shall greet you at the entrance to Heaven and welcome you into this Kingdom of Love. I give you this commitment, my beloved brothers and sisters. I assure you that you and all who are destined to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven shall be afforded the love and welcoming embrace of the angels of God, and they shall know ecstasy and joy as they enter into this place.

You feel glimmers and glimpses of this ecstasy, of the power of love that touches your soul, of God smiling upon you, and yet I tell you that what you feel and what you have felt is merely a shadow of what is to come. It will be joy everlasting beloveds, light bright, shining like a star and this will be your soul. Your experience of Truth will be  beyond and deeper than any truth that humanity can know, for the soul will be awakened and come to realise its full potential. Even with this awakening, it will be just the beginning of a journey that will last all eternity. The joy, the fulfilment, the wonderment, the love, the peace and the wisdom will grow exponentially with the awakened soul. 

God gives you all, beloveds. The abundance of His Soul is infinite, and so we shall drink these Waters for all eternity and progress in ways, in avenues, in awarenesses that are far beyond your present comprehension. Yet, these things come drop by drop. The light builds and the power of transformation continues to grow within you. You have been changed, beloveds, more than you might expect, and you will grow ever brighter as this change takes hold and the transformation in some time to come, will be complete. It is determined by your prayers. It is determined by your effort, your choice, your longings and your desires. So you are in charge of this journey and it is waiting for your embrace and acceptance. As your faith grows, so you will embrace God more fully and realise how powerful is His embrace for you with His Love and blessings. Indeed, there is much to discover, beloved souls, there is much to awaken to, and it all comes on the heels of God’s Love for you made manifest within your soul. 

May your eyes open, your sous sing the praises of God, your capacity to love awakened so that it may reflect the unconditional Love of God. I pray for these blessings for you, beloveds. I pray for His Touch to go deep within your soul, igniting all that is within, bringing all the promises that God has made to each of you to reality, a manifestation of love, complete and fulfilled. God bless you, my beloved souls. May the peace that passes all understanding be yours, beloveds. May the awakening, the awakening come swift on the heels of love. Know that I love you. I am your brother and friend Jesus, and I love you. You will know me, and those who know me will know me in greater depth and feeling and knowing. God bless you, beloveds, God bless you with His Love.