Spirit: Stephen
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 26, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, you will find your refuge in God. No matter the conditions that may surround you, you will find comfort and peace in God. As you beseech God to send His Love to your soul, so you ensure that you are aligned with God and close to God. The power of your desires, your prayers, what you seek and how you seek it determines your relationship with your Creator in regard to prayer. Are you able to walk upon this Earth and still be in alignment with God at all times? For, this is what is required if you are to be that clear and beautiful channel that God wishes you to be. Can you put aside those things that detract from this relationship? Can you be fully dedicated to God? For you have prayed to be His instruments, so the power of that designation comes with your commitment to God. 

As you grow in His Love, so the possibilities and avenues of service will grow and deepen. But it must be the priority of your life, my beloved beautiful friends, for without this focus that runs through you in all dimensions and ways that you exist, then so the channel is opened and the power of God working through you is great. It is one thing to say, “I wish to be your channel of love”, but it is quite something else to walk in the world as truly a channel of love. You may look to our beloved brother Jesus as your example, for he was and is the highest channel, the clearest and most profound channel of God’s Love in the universe, and so he leads the way. He shows us the way and shows all of humanity the way towards peace, joy, comfort, love, and all the blessings that God has to give His children. 

As you ask, ask with an open heart and an open mind. Ask with a soul that yearns. Ask because you wish to be transformed in love, and in this transformation, that you walk in the world as a channel of love and light, clear and beautiful. For, as you well know, this is what the world requires. This is what will make the change, the difference, the transformation that must come to your world. 

Each of you can contribute to this. Each of you has the great potential to be that channel of love in the world. Exercise your faith and your desire to serve God. Make it a yearning. Make it come to the forefront of your consciousness, your thoughts and desires. Through your yearning to receive the great gift of God’s Love, so you make possible the outpouring through you of His Love and blessings for others. 

We are all links in the chain, the great chain of Light that comes from God’s great Soul through many of His instruments and many instruments throughout the universe, who long to assist their brothers and sisters and uplift them as God’s channels, God’s instruments, God’s purveyors of Love. You are all those beautiful souls which can make this promise a reality, can bring fulfillment to your prayers and your desires. Be with God, beloved souls, be with God. I am with you, your brother in love, I am Stephen. God bless you beloveds, God bless you.