Spirit: Michael Collier
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 24, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May God’s precious Love Divine enter your souls, my friends. I have not spoken to you in some time. I am Michael Collier. I am glad to be here today. Though I work extensively with the dear sister who is here (S), it is nothing for us to travel from her distant land to yours to come and speak. This is in a heartbeat, a moment of thought, so we are able to travel and be with you all over the globe. As you span the globe, my friends, so we come to be with you in prayer. 

We assist you to come together in unity, unity of desire, unity of intention, unity to receive the great gift of the Father’s Love for it is the power of this Love that is the unifying force amongst you and allows us in the Celestial Kingdom to walk with you and be with you upon the earthly plane, a plane so very different from our own. Yet, the light that you carry within your souls draws us close and makes a point where we may focus and come to this plane through the Portals of Light that have been established and through the power of prayer that you express together with your desires for the highest.

So we in the Celestial Kingdom continue to make our journey to you, that journey from your perspective is a long way away. Yet, it is different from ours, where we travel extensively, not only to your world and the physical world but to many other worlds and many other planes of the spirit world. We continue to be used as God’s channels in many different places for the benefit of many different souls, even souls that are not of this planet. We are a part of the great network of light, souls of light, souls in alignment with God’s Love, who travel the universe to continue to uplift, encourage, and inspire humanity and all that is humanity in all the places of God’s universe, for humanity is indeed in many places upon God’s great universe and creation.

Although there may be some differences in appearances, indeed, they all carry a soul. That soul in itself is a unifying factor amongst you and amongst all humans in the universe. So it is that as we work together and those in other places in the universe work in harmony with our efforts, as we work in harmony with theirs, so we are knitting together all of humanity, all around this great and wondrous universe of God’s creation.

Of course, each planet, each community, each culture is different, has somewhat different perspectives and is progressing at different rates and in different ways. But it is the awareness of the soul as it is awakened that brings a commonality of understanding and beauty of all those who are God’s children. There are many families of God’s children in the universe.

Is this not a wondrous thing that God allows through His creation and the abilities and gifts and blessings that He instills within the souls of all His children that this communication can take place. When all is in harmony and at a higher level of understanding and awareness, when the soul is awakened in light, when truth resides within the many billions upon billions of souls in the universe, then this communication can take place. Then there is inter-connectiveness, a weaving of the many fabrics of humanity in the universe together. 

We all work for the common goal, to bring harmony to all of God’s children, to assist God to do so, bringing to bear our gifts and our abilities so to be with the children of God wherever they are. We uplift and commune together with the great blessings of God to come and awaken the souls of the many, many who inhabit the various universes and places of God’s creation.

You are just a small part of the great network of humanity. Indeed, what you carry in light, what you are doing to bring light to the world is noticed by many others that are not of this world. Of course, many spirits notice as well, the many spirits who are making great efforts to bring harmony to this world so that this world may join this great plethora of places, planets, humanity throughout the universe. 

This is coming, my beloved friends. The step forward into the greater reality of God’s creation is coming. You are the forerunners. You are the ones who are making the inroads and the passages that will help humanity connect with others. They are waiting, my friends. They are waiting for these connections to be forged, for you to come to that higher awareness, that awakening of the soul so that you may indeed find your friends that are elsewhere and recognize the wonderment that is God’s creation all over the universe.

So much life is in the universe and humanity sees but a small, minute portion and dreams of what can be. I tell you that those who are dreamers, those who aspire to come to know life elsewhere will have their dreams come true and have their questions answered. They will have knowledge of many things that are a part of God’s great universe.

But first and foremost, my friends, and for those who are curious and those who seek truth and seek understanding of the universe, first you must attend to your own soul. First you must come into harmony and alignment with God for God is the Source of all things, is He not? God will provide all opportunities and avenues for the explorations of the soul once the soul is awakened and alive in Love.

This is a prerequisite for these explorations and intentions, to do so in harmony with God’s laws, to do so with the power of love to ignite all gifts, capacities and possibilities that will come to awaken humanity to the greater truth of life in the universe. My friends, you will come to understand this and there will come a time when you will communicate with those beautiful, bright spirits that dwell elsewhere. This will not be a frightening experience, rather, one of joy and one of excitement and awakening and truth.

These beautiful spirits, these beautiful souls come and bring many blessings and much knowledge, provided you are willing and open to receive them. So, I say to you, there are many adventures ahead. There is much to come and you are being given the gift that will empower this awakening and opening of many things, many truths, many wonderments and possibilities.

My friends, you are blessed souls upon this world. May you continue to seek God’s great blessing of Love. Yearn for this every day. Seek for this every moment so that yearning can be sustained. Even when you are going about your daily business, you can sustain this yearning by saying a little prayer from your soul that will reach God and ignite the laws that open the way to the Holy Spirit to bless you soul.

There is much that you can do to awaken yourself. I know that many of you yearn and long to be awakened, to come to that place that is of great joy, great knowledge, great love. I know many of you find it frustrating that this does not come with the mere blessing of your prayers. But indeed, each time that you pray, a drop of Love enters your soul. Each time you pray during your day, so God will shower you with Love. So, it comes step by step. 

If you were to awaken in an instant, it would be far too much for your mind and your being in the state that it is in at this time to comprehend and acclimatize to this euphoric condition, this heightened place where the soul is redeemed. Your minds are in a very different place. This is where the acclimatization takes place. Incrementally your minds are coming to the truth. Incrementally you are coming to understand your true selves and to awaken accordingly.

My friends, it is step by step. Considering the conditions of your world, it can only be step by step. You must be patient. You must have faith that indeed God is guiding you forward. You are walking in the direction of greater light and truth and love. It comes with the gentle Breath of God. It comes with His great peace that passes all understanding, His Presence with you. It comes at this very moment. 

May you be aware. May you receive. May you release those conditions of the mind that block this reception and this awareness and come to know the sweetness of God’s Love, this Taste, this wondrous Taste and Elixir that comes into the soul, His Living Waters washing you clean, awakening you to all that is wondrous and joyful and of light.

God bless you, my friends. I am Michael Collier. I am very happy to speak to you today of things that may surprise you but are indeed part of the opening of truth. God bless you, my friends. God bless you.