Spirit: John the Beloved
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 24, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

You are blessed deeply, beloved souls, with His love. I am John, John the Beloved as you know me. Each of your souls has made a decision, has stood up for Love, for Light, for that which is not of the human condition, but of the condition of God and His Great Soul dictating to you the Truth of His Love and the Laws that come with His Love. Your souls have decreed that it shall stand up for Light, that you, within your true selves and essence have decided to be in the Glory of God, to awaken in the Glory of His Love, to cast aside those conditions and aspects that are of this world that are not of love. You have chosen, beloved souls, and you walk in the world with the expression of that choice and that Love within your soul. 

So I urge you, each and every one, to make the effort each day, to be in that condition of Love, to express your souls, as your souls have decreed and decided to be in alignment with God; to walk in His Great Love and Light; to seek to know the Truth, as is your birthright, and that which will be given to each one of you so that you may understand clearly and know without hesitation or doubt, that you are loved by God; that you are given a great benediction, a blessing upon your soul to awaken to Truth, to be within God’s Great River of Love as one of his children, reclaimed and blessed, embraced and loved.

My beautiful and beloved brothers and sisters, may you continue to honor your commitment, to bring this commitment into every aspect of your life and your being, every thought and every deed, every time you are with another, every time you are in prayer, every ways and means that you express yourselves in the world, may that commitment towards Love and Truth be evident so that you may walk as God’s examples and channels of Love so that you may be used by God as a channel of Love in the world. 

As you find your resolve and strengthen your commitment, so God will use you more intensely, more powerfully in the world to bring blessings to your lost brothers and sisters, to those who are suffering, to those who are seeking, to those who are in need of comfort and upliftment and healing. So these things will flow through you, beloved souls. This act of service, this way of being in the world is more powerful than anything you might do and is in alignment with God’s Will. So your acts of love, of service, of kindness, of light will be your heritage and will be what you will bring into the next life. For, when you serve God, you accumulate Light within your soul, you create a bounteous reward when you enter into the next life, a life of spirit.

I urge you to continue to commit yourselves deeply, truly, to the service of God. In this way, you will have done God’s work and created for yourself a great reward. This will uplift you, carry you through all circumstances, conditions that this world may bring to you. In this challenge that is the earthly world, you will move through all conditions of darkness and turmoil, in peace and grace, you will be protected and guided. You will be used to dispel the darkness, resolve the turmoil, bring Truth where there is error, bring comfort where there is pain and despair. God will use you in many ways, in many different circumstances and conditions to help pave the way for the healing of your world, which is inevitable. Your world will find harmony and it is coming. God will indeed bring the means and ways, the solutions and the Light so that harmony may be truly part of your world. 

Have faith in God’s plan. Have faith in your own selves, your beautiful souls. Be strong in Love and walk in the Light, always choosing Light, being Light, always Light. You know the difference, beloved souls, you know the difference. Act with your discernment, the power of your soul’s knowing, the clarity of your moral fortitude, the beauty of your wondrous, creative selves in the world.

God bless you. I am John, John the beloved. I come to speak to you to encourage you upon your path that will surely lead to at-onement with God and joy everlasting. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.