Spirit: Isaiah
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 21, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Isaiah. God lifts a veil between himself and your souls. As you pray together in this way you form a mighty cry out to God and God responds with His Touch upon your souls. All the conditions of your World cannot keep you from God, beloved souls. No matter your circumstances, no matter the situations upon your earthly plane, God will always respond to your prayers provided they come from your heart and are felt deeply. The depth of your prayers will determine the power of the response that God has to them. I urge you to pray deeply and focus upon the great gift He has to give to every soul, that is His Essence flowing into your souls. That we in the Celestial Kingdom come to be with you so as to encourage you to pray for this great gift to awaken your soul to the inflowing of God’s Love. 

This cannot be emphasized more than it has been and will be, that you are destined to receive this great gift provided you are willing to accept it and bring it into yourselves through prayer. In this way, you forge a great union with God. All that is not in harmony with God and resists the touch of God will fall away from you and you will come to know this great blessing and joy within your hearts. 

Even though you live in a world that is chaotic and so often the events of your life are determined by the will of man rather than the will of God, when you are anchored with God these conditions and events will not determine the course of your life, rather you will be freed from being a victim of the human condition, you will come to know your true selves and you will have a strength and perspective that goes beyond the mindful reactions and responses to life where your souls and the wisdom of your soul will respond to the events of your life. You will be guided by God, protected by the angels, uplifted and upheld as you go through life. 

In all the world of all the souls that inhabit this world, there are very few who have become a part of this truth and walk the earth in reliance of God, in God’s Will and Love and Care, uninhibited by false beliefs and doctrines. We ask for your simple adherence to this truth. We ask you to make this the focal point of your prayers and your spiritual life. In this way all that is in harmony with God’s Laws, in harmony with the Laws of Love will come to be within your life. It is not that this will clear away all strife and challenges in your life, for you live upon the earth plane, but it is that you will see these things differently, will respond to them from that center within you which is of love and you will find yourself accepting the conditions of the world in a way that you are not affected or brought down from a place of peace. You will see this from the perspective of wisdom, compassion, and love. Stepping aside from those well-worn patterns of thought, those difficult emotions of the mind, those judgments and fears and all things of the human condition will begin to melt away with the gift of this love which is a powerful antidote to all that is not of love. 

Consider the destinies of your souls, my beloved and beautiful friends. Consider that you may be a bright light in the world, attuned to God, attuned to your own soul, walking with faith, innocence, joy, and deep perception that you may truly appreciate God’s Creation, appreciate your own true selves and appreciate your brothers and sisters and see the wonderment that is God’s Creation and God’s will in the world. That you may journey upon a path that is more solid than anything you may experience in your world, for it is eternal and it is progressive and will continue to guide you upon a road where all that is of truth and all that is of the reality of God will be your truth and your reality. No one and nothing in this world of yours will pull you from this and divert you form the light. This is the power of love, the great Essence of God, to touch you and change you and bring you into harmony and alignment with all that is of His Creation and free you from the tyranny of all that is of man’s creation that is out of harmony with love, with what is meant to be. 

Your lives will change for the better. You will not be lost in some esoteric place of thought and mind that will estrange you from others. No, rather you will be a loving channel for those close to you and those far away and God will use you thus. Upon a path of love’s expression, love in action, love encompassing all in truth, in joy, in insight. You will be a light beloved soul’s, bright and beautiful, clear and strong, beyond all that which is without love. Beyond those conditions that continue to make life upon your world difficult, confusing and misdirecting you from the truth of your own self 

Beloved souls take these words and bring them into your hearts. Be aligned with God. Know the longings of your own souls and direct those longings towards God. For this is the destiny of your souls and you will come to know that destiny and feel the great joy of it, beauty of it, and wonderment of it. May God bless you. I am Isaiah and I come to be with you today in your prayers and declare the truth to all who will listen that God is love and the Love of God is the salvation of every soul. God bless you, my love is with you, beloved souls. God bless you.