Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 1, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Children of God, I am with you. I am Jesus. Each of you are blessed with many gifts and each of you are eager to experience the blessings of knowing your true selves manifested in the world. Each of you wishes to serve God and do so in the highest and most beautiful way that you are capable of doing. Each of you knows that God has a deep desire to awaken you souls, to bring you into the great flow of His Love and Will serving your brothers and sisters in Love.

For many of you, you are coming upon your spring, the awakening of all the beauty of God’s Creation. When you look at a twig and it is bare, do you not see that within that twig is the potential to bring beauty and life? So it is with your souls, beloveds. There is great potential there. Though you may see it as plain and unadorned, in truth, it is a great and beautiful thing that is awaiting your efforts to be with God and be awakened by God’s Touch of His Love. In this way, the blossoms of your soul will emerge in all their beauty and wonderment. In this way, God will use you as His instruments to bring Truth and healing, peace and Love, comfort and joy to the world.

Your souls are just beginning to emerge from the winter of your slumbers. Yet, even with this awakening that comes in such small measure, your souls are enjoying an awakening, an emergence of its true self into your consciousness. If you pass by the twig and not recognise its potential and not have faith that in time its beauty will emerge, if you do so with your souls, then you do not allow what is to come to be realised in your world, in your life. Walk with faith, beloved souls. Carry on in this journey that requires your faith, your persistence, and your prayers. All gifts that you possess, each in its unique ways and expressions, will emerge in all their beauty in time.

Awakening is a slow but steady process. Knowing your true selves requires your attention. Nurturing yourselves in this process of emerging from the slumbers of your soul, we will assist you, beloved souls. God will assist you. You will assist each other in this glorious journey of truly knowing yourselves and being in alignment with God.

Be at peace, beloved souls, and know that you have made steps upon this journey that very few have engaged in in your world. This in itself is remarkable. You must acknowledge that you have had the strength and the desire, the insight and the knowing that this journey is that which you wish to take, that which is indeed in harmony with the desires of your soul. You will truly find your way and come to that place of soul awakened, expressed in Love, beauty borne in Love, gifts given in Love, blessings flowing in Love so that many in your world may enjoy and be deeply affected by your gifts, your offerings to the world. Allow all that you are to come to the fore. Do not hold back. Do not doubt but step forward in joy and the acknowledgment that God is guiding you in this way.

My blessings are with you, beloved souls, and know that I am with you. I am with you, beloveds, and shall walk with you for all eternity as we continue to blossom in the great Love of God, awakening with each moment in His great flow and Touch upon our souls bringing forth all its beauty and wonderment. We are together, my brothers and sisters all, in this great journey.

God bless you. God bless you, beloveds. I am Jesus and I walk with you always. God bless you.