Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 23, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessed are my brothers and sisters who walk the world seeking the nourishment of their souls through God’s Love. Blessed are my brothers and sisters who carry this Truth like a lantern to light the way in the world. Blessed are you who are my disciples of Truth, who carry the great Truth of God’s Love wherever they may go. May they speak these words of Truth that God loves all, that God’s Love is for all, for you are blessed, my beloved brothers and sisters. I come to be with you. I am your brother and friend, Jesus, the Master of the Celestial Heavens.

I come to encourage you upon these journeys of discovering the soul and awakening your true purpose and destiny which is to find at-onement with God in this soulful awakening, these blessings that come from the Heavenly Father.

When we come to your world, we see a great landscape of deprivation. Though there are many who seek to do good in the world and do good for their lives, their families, their loved ones, there is also an unknowing of their souls, the capacities and potentials of their souls. So they carry on hither and yon within the world without sure knowledge and wisdom that may come to them in this intimate relationship between soul and God.

So, this deprivation, which is not supposed to be, continues to be perpetrated by the vast majority of souls in your world. Think of what the world would be like if every soul had the sure knowledge and sense of love within, that every soul may infill that hollow place within them with the great gift of God’s Love, that every soul in this great blessing would come to know their true natures and express their true gifts, their true selves in the world.

All the deprivation and acts of darkness and cruelty and in-harmony and lack of love would be dissipated by the Light of the Love in many souls who walk your world. It is your challenge, my beloved and beautiful friends, to bring this message forth, to speak of God’s Love for all so to bring hope to humanity. For they walk in ignorance, unknowing of what it is that they lack, unaware of what it is that they do to perpetrate the darkness in this world. Lost are many souls, lost because they think that those things of their mind, those acts of wilfulness, those fears and desires for material gain is all that matters in this world. They perpetrate darkness out of ignorance, beloved souls.

Yet, you hold the key for them. You hold the key that will help unlock this terrible lack of truth and knowledge of what is really meant to be in life on your world. Carry the lantern, my beloved and beautiful friends, carry the lantern of truth and love wherever you go and walk in truth always. Be my disciples. Be the instruments of God who carry truth. Walk in light. Express love in all that you do. Be God’s true channels of love. Be in the flow of God’s Love and Will and God will guide you and carry you to many souls who within them is a great need to know the truth. You are charged with this invitation, implored by myself and all the angels of Heaven and by God’s beautiful Love for you all. Walk in the truth of love. Be truly aligned with love, with God’s Love for all, and you will find you way upon your path of life with joy, with truth, with commitment to serve in love and spread harmony in your life wherever you go.

I implore you, beloved souls, carry this truth forward. Walk in this truth always. Be God’s instrument to bring truth and love wherever you go. I will walk with you, beloved souls, for you do my work. You carry the flame of truth. You are blessed by God. Your souls will be exalted in this Love where all that is not of love shall be removed by this great gift. All truth will be given. All true knowledge is yours through the awakening of your souls. All love shall flow abundantly in your life and through your instrumentalities and gifts, given by God so that you may indeed be able to give as God’s channels of truth and love.

You are blessed, beloved souls, deeply blessed within you. Some just begin the journey, others well upon the path, but together in unity and singleness of purpose. You will all find your way and all be used in your own way to assist the lost souls in the world. This is part of God’s plan for the salvation of humanity. Within your souls, you have already committed yourself to be a part of this plan, to be the harbingers of light and truth. Walk with me. Know me. Know that I am with you and all will unfold in harmony. The power of God’s Love shall manifest many blessings and gifts to all who are upon your path. Awaken, beloved souls, awaken and be true to your own true selves. As you continue to forge your relationship with your Creator, so all will unfold and be given and expressed and awakened in the glory and wonderment of God’s great Love for you all.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your Master and friend. I am Jesus. God bless you. God bless you all. My love is with you. God bless you.