Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 8, 2019
Location: Waianea, HI

God bless you, I am Seretta Kem. You have fulfilled many of the wishes of God while being together in this group; to be in harmony as a group of diverse souls; of praying together for the Father’s Love with unity and grace and true desire to be open to the ministrations of the angels; to be uplifted in Light; to allow all that God’s Will provides for you to be manifest in this Circle. This is how humanity is meant to live, beloved souls; this openness, receptivity, loving gentle kindness to one another working together in unity, allowing one another their uniqueness and doing so with loving appreciation. This is how humanity is meant to be in the world: to be in harmony with God, in harmony with one another, in harmony with the world bringing Light. 

As you pray, so, you have brought healing blessings, Light, Love, peace and joy to this world. Can you imagine what this world would be like if a substantial number of its peoples may get together in this way and pray in this unity and love. The atmosphere that is so heavy within your world would clear and many would feel a sense of upliftment, of joy, of freedom. For the atmosphere of this world is repressive and difficult and keeps many from knowing their own soul because they are entrapped in the darkness, because they do not understand or realise the power of the soul and the power of God’s Love and the magnificence of God’s Love for each one. This you must share, my friends, this you must share and bring forward in the world, this simple Truth, this simple invitation to be with God in Love. 

We thank you for your efforts, for your time and efforts to be together in this way. And has this been a burden, my beloved souls? I would say not; it has been a joy. Not only for you, but for us and for all who have participated. I say to you that there have been many, many thousands who have participated in this Circle of Light. Though you may not be aware, you have led a great reformation for many souls who abide on my side of life. You have brought forth an example of the Truth. You have allowed messages of Truth to come through you and in this you have brought forth many beautiful angels who these souls were able to see and hear and realize that progression is continuous. That they too may aspire towards the Light and that they too may know how much God Loves them. 

You see, my beloved and beautiful friends, you are instruments of God’s Love and Truth in many ways. And upon many realms, this message is being heard and realized and acted upon by many. You do God a great service, beloved souls. No matter where you may establish these Circles of Light in the world, you do God a great service and Love flows forth freely and blessings come through these great Circles. As loving angels manifest amongst you, blessings of Love flow and flow, gushing forward a great River of Love to this world and the next. There is so much I wish you could see, my beloved friends and understand when you come together as you do, and yet, your souls know this. Your souls draw you to this great effort and prayer for the world, for yourselves, for all of your brothers and sisters. 

So it will be and continue to be in the world. You will establish these Circles of Light wherever you go, and bring forth more of these blessings for your world. In time, the effects of your efforts will be known to you, will reverberate across this world and return to you in the way that others may see you and know you as leaders of Truth, as examples of Love. Be that example, beloved souls. Be strong in your Truth. Be loving in your actions. Be true to God and God’s will and in this way, you will realise a great opportunity to serve God and to serve your brothers and sisters. Accept your destinies as channels of God’s Love and Truth and you will find yourselves in surprising situations, places, environments, with many souls who are achingly in great desire for Truth. And you will bring that Truth in simple loving words, in your presence and in your prayers. As you join one to the other in prayer for Love, so you will bring this experience, this Truth of His Love and make it a palpable reality for many souls so that they may choose, as you have chosen, to be in alignment with this Truth and in alignment with God, in alignment with all that is in harmony with God. So you will continue to grow in this Love, awaken and be in the rejoicing, joyful expression of a soul redeemed in Love. 

God bless you. I am Seretta Kem. God bless you all and thank you for your efforts. They are well received and have great impact in the world. God bless you.