Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 6, 2019
Location: Burnaby, B.C.

Welcome, beloved brothers and sisters. May God’s blessings flow into your souls. I am Mark. I am happy to greet you this day, all the beautiful souls that are both in the flesh and in spirit who come to gather in this sanctuary, as God pours His Love upon you all, beloveds, and uplifts this place, bringing the blessings of peace and healing and Love to all who enter into this sanctuary. The Living Waters of God’s Love is pouring into this place at this moment. Open your souls, open your souls and drink deep these Waters. Refresh your souls with the Essence of God, His Love, awakening, bringing you ever closer to His Presence.

You have done much beloved souls, to enliven and lighten this church. You are feeling the blessings and rewards that come with your efforts. May you continue to pour your light into this place, building within it a sacred dwelling of God. For this place, in times to come, will be a powerful refuge for many. As the conditions of this world continue to change and difficulties continue to mount in your world, God is in need of these places of refuge, where each soul can come and feel peace and know the upliftment and Light of God’s Touch.

Each of you can facilitate this, beloveds. Each of you have gifts that can be used by God to bless many. It is for you to uplift yourselves in prayer, to be close to God in faith, to be a channel of light and love in this world, wherever you may be, not only in this place, but wherever you may be. For God is in great need of many channels, instruments of light. He will use each and every soul who aspires to give love, to give comfort, to give healing and peace to those around them and those who are connected with them in this world.

You create a Centre of Light, beloveds, a Centre of Light blessed by God. Is this not your desire, your aspiration, the fulfillment of your efforts, to bring to this Earth the great power of God’s Touch that will emanate from these walls and through these walls, touching many souls? Dedicate your prayers to this place, to God uplifting you and uplifting all who come. Your prayers are heard. They are known by God and they are answered by God. God sends His many angels to come to this place and assist and minister to many souls who are seeking, who are in need, who wish community and to commune with God. This is the true meaning of a church. It is not so much doctrine or words of any way and means to convince the mind of truth, it is the blessing and feeling of love, of peace, of light that is the true hallmark of God. The more intense that this condition of Light is built within this church, the more it will draw those who are seeking, who wish to be replenished, who are in need of peace and comfort.

Band together beloveds. Band together in love. Create this community of love. Put aside any differences and bring the highest intentions, the deepest of soul desires and to enjoin all who come with love and peace and joy. For God has given you a great gift, beloveds. God has opened a great Light, a Portal of Light in this place and it is to be used continually for the benefit of those who come, for the benefit of this community, this place, this city, this region in your world. This portal may be used in many ways and can be empowered by your prayers and your efforts to awaken the desires of the soul within many, as God uses His instruments to bring Truth and blessings to the children of this world.

Walk in light, beloveds. Seek for the Highest. Seek to commune with the Creator. Be strong in your faith. Be joyful in your efforts. All will come to uplift you and uphold you, beloved souls. God has drawn you together and will continue to do so, bringing Light to you all. God bless you, beloveds. I am Mark and my love is with you. God bless you. God bless you.