Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 3, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

..souls, I am Andrew. How blessed you are to have this community of prayerful brothers and sisters, this Circle of Light, as we call it. How blessed you are that you are together in unity, in oneness of soul desire, that you come together to receive the Gift of God’s Love and that you have done so because your hearts are as one. The desires of your soul bring a resonance, a pulse to God, opening your souls to the inflowing of His Love. Unlike so many churches and organizations in your world, you have come together through acceptance and honoring the uniqueness of each individual. You have not insisted upon an unanimity of thought, a compliance to certain dogmas and ideas. Rather, the openness of your hearts have brought upliftment to each one, a sense of belonging, a sense that love is present. This is how all peoples of this world need to be together, allowing their unique personalities, their cultures, their ideas, to be acknowledged. As each acknowledges one another, so they put aside the expectations of the mind and invite the love of the soul to shine through. As this love continues to grow amongst you, the bonds strengthened in prayer, so the Light increases and increases until there is a mighty beam of soulful intention and Love shining out into the universe. So you draw to you many spirits, both high and low, and many angels, many who are seeking comfort and truth, and you shall draw many souls upon your Earth to join you in this place, so welcoming and comforting.

May you continue to embrace your brothers and sisters. May you continue to point the way to the Source of all Love, and by your example show your brothers and sisters how they may pray with such simple yearning, to receive this Gift. God continues to guide you all, beloved souls, to open doors, to show you the many rooms and mansions of God’s Creation, of the reality of God’s Soul. As you continue to allow the flow of God’s Gifts and Bounty to you, so your eyes will open ever wider to the beauty of God’s Creation.

You are each deeply blessed and as you continue to join together in these Circles of Light, so you build a Light around you, such a Light that as you enter into your daily lives you become a beacon, a channel of Light in the world, and God will direct this Light and direct you to be His channels of Love in the world. As you affirm the Truth that you are deeply Loved by God and that all in the world are deeply Loved by God, so you bring the most powerful Truth to your world and are an example of the graciousness of the soul blessed by the Great Love of God.

May God bless you, my beautiful friends, and keep you upon this journey of ever awakening soul, of ever greater Love, of Light pure and beautiful, brightening with each day as you go to your Creator, drinking at the Source of all Love, so these things will unfold in all their beauty and wonderment, and the fragrance of Love shall permeate all that you do and all that you are. God bless you beloved souls. I am Andrew, with you always upon this journey. God bless you. My love is with you.