Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 13, 2023
Location: Laurelville, PA

May the blessings of the Father’s Love befall each of you, your souls open and eager to receive. I am Matthew. I come to speak to you about what is to come in your world as the transformation is happening now. It is happening within each of you. It is happening in the world. As great flux and change comes, so each of you must adjust. Each of you must walk in faith and be able to accept what is coming as the healing and transformation of your world. 

God has asked you to stand forth as His instruments, channels for His Love. God has asked the world to come back to harmony and peace. There are those who listen and those who do not. You are the listeners. You open your ears and your hearts, your minds and your souls to what God has to tell you to, to what is given in love, and what is guided as part of His plan for the salvation of humanity. 

There are times when you hear things that are not easy to hear. That there is guidance that is not easy to follow. That there are elements in your life which you know are not compatible with the Laws of Love. There are parts of you still in pain, still harbouring those difficult feelings and thoughts within you. Yet your struggles, what you have come to know as your challenges, are easy compared to many others. For they have not started upon the path of love. They do not see beyond their own needs and conditions. They are lost in the quagmire of the human condition. 

Yet God has lifted you up, beloved souls, beyond these conditions. He has afforded you many blessings and many opportunities to walk beyond that which is of the human creation and to step within that which is of God’s creation. You do so because you recognise the yearnings in your soul, the curiosity of your mind, the feelings and yearnings for love that are within your heart. This door opens wide for each one of you. There is a great blessing awaiting each one of you, though your brothers and sisters who are lost and in the darkness have no idea of what is awaiting and what is coming. 

Yet you in your perceptions, your understandings of soul, have come to see that there is a difficult period coming for your world. It has already begun. Many have suffered from the changing conditions of your world. There is much anger and turmoil. There are wars and thoughts of war. There is hatred. There are all manner of thoughts, conditions and intentions that are not of God. Nor are they of love. 

Yet through all of these things what comes of humanity but greater fear, greater ignorance and a lack of love. You are here to countermand these conditions, to be a force for love, to be a channel of light and love in the world. You are afforded every blessing, every way in which God may reach you is given so that you may be strengthened in love, awakened in love,  your souls with God in love. 

So, we make our efforts. We come to you close so that you may feel us and in so feeling us, know the power of love that God has instilled within all of our souls. That you may feel God’s Love with your soul ever more intently, ever more powerfully. We do this not just for you and you alone, my beloved brothers and sisters. We do this for the world as we make this beachhead of light with you, my beloved friends. 

You have the strength, courage and desire to step beyond these conditions, to be in the light, to understand the way in which you may come to the light. Thus we are with you. Here to uplift, here to teach, here to guide and inspire. Here to pray with you. Here to walk with you upon your journey of life. This is God’s blessing to you. Those of you who have made that choice to go beyond  those things that reflect the human condition to see life from a different perspective, to understand the meaning of life from the perspective of the soul. 

My beloved friends, it is time to redouble your efforts, your commitment, your prayers to receive an ever greater measure of Divine Love within. To put aside any fears, any thoughts that you know full well are not in harmony with love. To find the freedom, the release from those conditions that have held you in darkness. Now is the time. God gives you great opportunities to walk in light together. To be transformed with love together. To be truly brothers and sisters expressing love, acknowledgment and respect for one another. Be that child of light, my beloved friends. Walk in the glory and wonderment of God. You will find yourself uplifted and carried in the light. This I promise you, beloved souls. This I promise you. 

I am Matthew and I love you. I walk with you as do many, as does our beloved Jesus. All the Celestials are praying for you at this time for these moments of transformation, healing and upliftment in the Love and Truth of God. God bless you. We are here together in the sacredness of the moment. So we shall pray for the blessings that God wishes for each one of us. May they flow abundantly and may you open and receive with great yearning and great understanding of what is given. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.