Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 17, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

Yes, you will each need some time to integrate and adjust to this new expression of your soul that has been accomplished through this time together. I know it is difficult for you to understand the workings of your soul and the intricacies and feelings of your soul in such a way that it becomes obvious that there has been a change. Yet indeed, there has been a change, a deep change within each of you. This change will be expressed in many ways. Uniquely, of course, because you are unique. You will come to see gifts emerging, new longings, new ideas, new expressions of yourself coming forth in your life. 

Thus, your priorities will change, your desires will change because your soul has changed. Deep blessings have been given to each of you who have attended and those who have come to be a part of this through your own prayers synchronising with the prayers of those assembled in your gathering. Each soul who truly seeks to grow and awaken in God’s Love will know the changes that will have been wrought within their souls. The beautiful openings, the emergence of greater light, the beauty of those parts of you that have not been acknowledged or known, will now begin to emerge and be known. In this way, I urge you not to reject these things, but to embrace them. 

For you are the forerunners of the new world, my beloved and beautiful friends. If you are to be the forerunners, then you must expect that your attitudes and expressions and  important aspects of your life will change accordingly. There is nothing to inhibit this other than your own fear of expressing it and there is a great deal that upholds it. For not only have there been internal changes, but external changes as well, as more angels have come to gather around you, more effort is being made to uphold you and the beautiful light of God continues to shine upon you.

You will find yourself thinking in different ways, expressing yourself through the eyes of the soul rather than the mind. In this way, you may seem that you have changed in a way that is somewhat disconcerting. Yet indeed, it is not. It is merely different. So, there is adjustment. There is a need for time to be truly within the alignment with God, to understand the power of your own soul which has been strengthened and increased with God’s Love while you have been in prayer together and to understand the consequences of this as your beautiful souls begin to awaken and emerge in surprising and wonderful ways. Your souls will be truly those gracious lights that God intends for you to be. 

Much has been given, my friends. Very much, indeed. You will find that within you is a deep need to acknowledge God and to serve God in whatever way that you have been guided and you feel is in harmony with your being. These things, too, will come. This way of being in the world will come to you. This will spark changes as well in your behaviour, in that which you find important, in all that is in your life and how you express yourself within your life. 

My dear and beloved friends, I again want to thank you for your efforts together and how you brought great light to the world. We worked together, did we not? We worked in harmony and synchronicity in such a way that our souls resonated together with the great song to God, bringing His Love and Light forward to all of us and to many more whom you are not aware. Many blessings, beloved souls, many blessings have been brought because of your prayers and your efforts. Though there have been some difficult consequences of your coming together, I suggest that you think of the benefits that have come and how this far outweighs some inconveniences and difficulties. 

Beloved souls, you will continue to come together now that you have had this experience together. You have also strengthened your time in this format, in this way together. You continue to progress upward towards greater light. So the blessings flow my friends. So, it flows beautifully and intensely. It shall get brighter, more powerful, more beautiful and filled with more love and light. This I promise you, my friends. This I promise you. 

May you be blessed. May you come to know the true blessings of your soul. May you come to see the great flow of love that comes to you and may you come to acknowledge and absorb this blessing. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you. I am Matthew and I love you.