Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 15, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, it is Mark. You are not alone, for each of you have your guides and those close in the world of spirit that attend to you and that walk with you in life. You are not alone, for God is with you always. God’s loving care and tender Touch is but a prayer away, a longing of the soul to be together with your Creator. You are not alone, for you have one another as a family of love in a community that is your church. Even though you cannot come together in the flesh, know that you continue to forge these connections, that often in your sleep states, you are together once again for your souls long to be so. So, you bring yourselves into the orbit of all your brothers and sisters who also long to be a part of this family.

There is unity and there is the strength of your numbers, the strength of your light, the strength of your souls yearning for greater truth, yearning to be in the light of truth. So all these factors that are a part of your relationship with one another and with this church forge a strong bond, a strong connection, a strong sense of each other in this community. So God blesses all of you, carries and uplifts you all. Seek God in prayer. Open your hearts and your souls to God and there will be a response, a warmth, a comfort, a healing, an upliftment that will surely come with your prayers and longings.

Be in the Grace of God. Know the Grace of God. Express the Grace of God that is a mantel upon each of you. Know that  someday soon your church’s doors will reopen. You will gather again and there will be a sense of peace. This church will be your refuge from the troubles of this world. Your church will be set upon the strong foundation of God’s Touch upon it and our prayers support for it, for there are many in the Celestial Kingdom who continue to pray for your little church and for all who dwell within it. Know that there are great blessings pouring upon this building, this place, this home of God.

As you think of this place in your prayers, as you go there in your minds, know that you drink from the well that is there, the well of Light and Love, of healing and Grace that is there within this place, for it has been deeply blessed. You will all receive the strengthening, uplifting bliss that comes with this gift that God has given you in this place and within your own prayers.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Mark. I oversee your church as always, keeping it safe, keeping it firm, and ensuring that it will stand the tests that are coming, the test of time, the test of a changing and shifting world. Your church will continue to stand. God bless you, beloved souls. May His Love touch you deeply, deeply and you may understand this message of love from the very depths of your soul to the very conscious understanding of your mind. God bless you. God bless you all. My love is with you.