Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 10, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May the peace of God’s presence be with you, beloved children. I am with you, I am Jesus. I come to encourage you upon your path. I come to let you know that you are loved deeply, profoundly by God. And that as you continue to pray together in this way, you bring the blessings of God into your midst, you bring the blessings of the angels of the Celestial heavens into your midst, and you help one another to open your souls to receive this great gift of the Father’s Love. For as the conditions in your Circle of Light brighten and respond to your prayers and your desires, so your souls emerge and become more conscious to yourselves, so the desires of your soul then are able to be sent to God in prayer. God responds to your desires, your longings, and God blesses your soul in accordance to these desires and longings. Every time you pray together, you bring some light into the world and you bring some light into yourselves. Every time you are with God in some way, through some prayer, whether it be short but sincere or together in this way or in other ways, you elicit light, a light that is needed in your world, a light that is needed in your lives.

 I urge you, beloved souls, to continue to pray earnestly for God to bless you deeply, to be in alignment with your Creator, and to walk in this great light which is God’s blessing upon you. You shall not be lost, beloved souls, but in your efforts to be with God you will be found. You will find your way into the light, into the truth, into the understanding and acknowledgement of your own true selves, your souls. An awakening will come with this true knowledge, a change will come upon you in your minds, in all aspects of your being there will be an upliftment, an awakening, a healing as you gravitate more towards God and more towards harmony. And as you pray for the great gift of God’s Love, so your soul is slowly transformed and is found by God. The new birth of the soul comes upon you and transforms all that is you.

We walk together in this journey of the transformation of your soul. You are surrounded by angels of God. You are guided by the Hand of God. You are blessed by the Holy Spirit of God. So you continue to journey towards light and come to know all the truths of God’s great Soul and God’s great universe. What higher calling can there be than this, beloved souls? What greater journey can there be than this, to come into alignment with God and eventual at-onement with God? The joy of your soul will ring forth in the world and proclaim the great truth of His Love. May you be awakened, blessed, and healed by the great gift of His Love.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Jesus and I come to proclaim the truth to you and all who are here, both in the flesh and in spirit, and there are many.  I come to tell you that the journey of the soul will bring you all that you require and all that you desire in life. God bless you. God bless you dearly, my beloved brothers and sisters. I walk with you always. We are together in this great family of love; we are together on this path of love. God bless you, God bless you, beloveds.