Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 20, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

I’m your friend, Orion. Are you looking forward to the new world that will emerge in your consciousness, my friends, as your vision grows, as your perceptions deepen, as your soul awakens? So this new vision will come upon you, a dawning of a new age and era that is of God’s creation where the power of man’s creation becomes, not diminished, but transformed and blessed so that through humanity’s free will, they will be able to help co-create a new world with God. This is coming. You will come to know your world from a different perspective. You will come to know one another from a different perspective. You will come to know God in a deeper and more revelatory way. 

Indeed, the life that you have lived up to this time will be shifting to another locum of perspective and understanding. You’ve begun the process with your prayers together and you will continue to awaken to this new way. It will not come overnight but it is coming. The momentum is already building. The travel along this road is assured and you will find yourself, each one, experiencing life from a different perspective, even unique to one another.

My beloved friends, there is much to discover, much to know about yourselves, much to know about each other, much to know about God’s creation. It is an endless journey as you well know and indeed you take a few footsteps upon it. And do you not feel awakened, energized, enthusiastic with a deep desire to open to all that God has to give to you?  For you have tapped into the source of all that is of God’s creation and in this, many surprises and blessings are destined to come to you. You will not be confused, lost and disoriented. Rather you will come to accept these things through the wisdom of your soul, awakening to that which is not normally of your material mind but things that emerge from your soul mind. 

In this, you will readily integrate the two. You will add to your material consciousness, your idea of what life is and what reality is will be augmented and slowly shift toward that which is of God. This is what you have prayed for, my beautiful friends. This is the road you continue to travel upon. Although for some of you who are very new to this path, this may seem like a somewhat strange message, but I say to you that all along we have been encouraging you upon this program, this reality so that you may accept it more readily. That you may apply it more easily, and may live it in harmony with God’s laws of love.

Expect the unexpected, my dear friends. Expect to be carried along a road over a mighty bridge to a new place, a place that is beautiful, a place that is still part of this Earth but not in terms of what man has created, but in terms of what God has created. You will come to understand and appreciate and see from this perspective. It will give you great joy, great insight, great understanding and compassion, all things that you require to live in this world of yours in light. For that is what is intended, to live in light, to be the light and to express the light wherever you go. Whatever aspect of your life you are engaged upon, that it may be in greater harmony with God’s laws, that it may reflect love, that it may indeed be in sync and in juxtaposition with God’s Will. So that what you do will be guided and in harmony, always.

My beloved friends, may you find your way upon this path that is now laid out for you clearly and succinctly. It is for you to discover it, to accept it and embrace it. It is for you to know it as your path, to adopt it as your path, to truly be in harmony with it. God will not force anything upon you, my beloved friends. But He lays the opportunities clearly, in front of you. It is for you to step forward, willingly, joyfully with great curiosity and enthusiasm, just as you did when you arrived together in that gathering so blessed. So you must step upon these paths laid out before you and be blessed by this new request from God, to be upon a path that will surely lead to a new world, a new way of being and a new you. 

This transformation must take place. It is necessary. It is important for you to walk upon it gleefully. Do not be frightened, suspicious or hold back but know that the greatest of blessings is before you, that God’s Love will continue to enlighten you, that the truth shall be yours in ever greater measure, my beloved friends. You will know the way. Truly, you will know the way. 

May God bless you and keep you in His Love. I am close. Many are even closer than before your retreat and shall continue their vigilance and their prayer vigil with you so that you may integrate and accept what is being given and what shall be given so powerfully, thoroughly, and profoundly to each one of you. God bless you my friends, keeping you in His Love. Orion loves you. Many love you. Precious souls of God, you are blessed. God bless you. God bless you.