Spirit: Isaiah-Elijah
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 5, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

May the great blessings of God be upon you beloved souls, I am Isaiah. The will of man is great. God has gifted each individual with free will and humanity has exercised this gift in every regard in your world; has come to know his own power, has acknowledged his own abilities, has recognized how it is possible to manipulate the world in conjunction with his will. And in so doing, humanity has brought blessings and destruction, light and dark, harmony and disharmony for, the potentials of each beloved soul in this world are of both natures and have been expressed more fully in that which is not in harmony with God’s Laws.
So, you find your place within a world that is not in harmony with God’s Laws; it is not an expression of God’s Love for all His Creation. It has become a difficult place to live and has brought much destruction where many creatures of God have suffered greatly and humanity itself has suffered greatly. For all the eons of the existence of humanity there have been piled upon one and another, day after day, year after year, conditions of darkness brought about by mankind’s free will. Indeed, your prayers are for humanity to awaken and realize the power of their own will, the power of their own beings in this world and how in God’s intention, there was meant to be a cooperation between the power of man and the power of God so that all would flow in a created unfolding evolution of the soul in this world.

Yet, the price that humanity has paid for this gift has been great. It is time now for those of you who are willing, to awaken from their slumbers and walk in this world with the realization of the great power that they wield, and the great power they have to elicit God’s blessings and influence in this world; the great power that comes with His Love flowing into your soul, awakening it to all its potentials.
This is your message beloveds that must be given, that you prayed to be given to humanity. Not just a message of words but a message of doing, of thought, of expression of the soul. So you are called upon, as you have been many times, to awaken to God, to awaken your own soul’s potentials blessed by God and to serve God in His great plan for the salvation of mankind.

It is a great commitment, beloved souls and for those of you who have just begun this journey, it seems beyond your ken or your ability. I say to you, beloved souls, God will envelop each and every soul who is willing to serve in this way and that all that is required to do so will be given as a great boon of blessings for the souls of Light. So you are being called beloveds, to step forward, to pray to be guided. Ask what you may do to help rectify all that which has been done in the name of man so that it may be transformed into the harmony of God. It is the power of Love, my beloveds that will do so. It is the power of God’s Love within your souls that will awaken the faculties that will bring the wisdom and the capacity within you to teach, to heal, to be an example, to be a channel of Love in the world.

Allow God to guide you upon these paths for, you have been brought together and many more shall be brought together upon the fields of Light, where the power of your collective efforts will wrought change in the world and bring harmony, greater harmony to all that exists in this world. This is God’s plan, beloveds. Are you able to listen? Can you awaken to this great invitation as God beseeches you to move forward in Love and Truth, to be that channel of Love with each day, each moment, each breathe?

As this Love intensifies within your being, it will expand and grow and touch many souls who then will touch many souls and so it will go, one to another. A great fire of cleansing that is of Love where all that is of pain and darkness, loneliness and turmoil, error and lack of love, will fall away in the ashes. The phoenix shall rise, that of your soul awakened in its glory, pure in its joy and Truth. The power of this, the beauty of this, the glory of this will change the world forever.

God needs His instruments, beloved souls. You are well aware of the conditions of this world that continue to intensify and bring great pain to many. It is time to set aside the distractions, to set aside those attitudes that hold you back from Love, to beseech God to bless you with such intensity, such power of Love that this transformation will be evident and beautifully expressed within each of your souls. The world needs you, beloveds. The world needs the transformational energies of Love, the blessings of God to make whole again God’s creation, to bring again Light, to bring healing and harmony.

Each of you are drawn. Each of you sense a purpose, a calling, a desire to awaken your souls. So, I urge you to listen to this inner calling within you for, God has placed this within your souls, beloveds. God has created you with many potentials and possibilities of expression. Your souls are ripe for expression, to be a channel of love, pure and beautiful. Awaken to this, beloveds. Use whatever opportunities are available to you to bring love and bring truth in simple ways, in ways that are blessed and guided, in ways that declare that you have been touched by God and that the source of all is the source of the healing for humanity. Walk in this world, beloved souls, with your head high, your hearts full of Love, your minds intent on speaking truth. As you embrace your brothers and sisters, be a channel of love, a channel of healing, of comfort, of peace. In this way, you contribute to the change that must be. In this way you are open to the Will of God.
Blessings to you, beloveds. I am Elijah. Blessings of Love. God bless you.