Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 30, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. Yes, you just begin your journeys, your journeys as individuated souls upon a material world, yet even to transition to the spirit world. There is much within you that needs to be attenuated and brought into harmony with God’s Laws, with your own selves, brimming with light and joy and love. Yes, it is a long journey in some respects, a challenging one for those who are not aware of the ways and means of bringing light within themselves. But you, beloved souls, carry the key that shall indeed light your way and make this journey somewhat easy compared to so many. Acknowledge that the wisdom of your soul and the desires of your souls have brought you to this place where you pray together in a Circle of Light, where you come together and affirm the truth of your own soul’s knowings and understandings that bring you close to your Creator.

Yes, there is still much that needs to be brought into harmony; and yet, do you not feel the glimmers of joy, the sense of expansion, the Love of God touching you in a deep and Holy Communion? This glimmer, these small times of experience, of joy, of upliftment, is just the beginning. In time, this will be your existence, your reality, your true sense of self and of God. So you are well on your way, beloved souls, each of you upon the road in your own place, your own position, and yet together you support one another upon this road. As each of you reaches a milestone, so we all celebrate your efforts. And some of you have a little understanding of how far you have come within your souls while others recognize and acknowledge their own efforts and soulful awakenings. Yet together, you acknowledge one another in love. You help to awaken one another on this journey as you share your insights, as you come to express your light, as you pray together in this way.

So God has provided for each soul a ways and means to have loving support, to be and feel within a Circle of Light. Though for some of this may be a small indeed, limited to one or two, but still, the spirits and angels gather around each soul, helping to uplift and helping that individual to see for themselves that they are indeed making progress, that they are in the Light. So, God brings many blessings to each of you. God opens your souls as you pray for this to be done and the Great Gift of His Love flows within. So God opens your eyes as you pray to know and to realize the great gifts of your soul and the gifts of your awareness. God gives you strength to step forward in the Light. God embraces each one of you and tells you that He Loves you, and so He does with an ocean of Love, a great flowing and washing over you of this Gift, this healing Gift of Love.

Be joyed, my beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters, for you are a gift to one another and you are a gift to God. For, God recognizes the beauty of your soul and God’s Great Love for you is indeed beyond measure, as deep as the oceans, as wide as the oceans. So you are embraced in Love. So you are seen the beautiful creation that you are, and may you come to see yourselves and one another in this way. This is the gift that God’s Love will give to each one of you: The awakening of your vision, the opening of a true sense of self so that you may embrace all that you are and all that God is and all that God has created. Your brothers and sisters join you in this acknowledgment of the great and true blessings of your Heavenly Father. Shall we join in wondrous joyful acknowledgment of the Great Love of God.

God bless you beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. I am happy to pray with you, to be with you, in this Light that shines forth beyond your Earth plane into the planes of spirit, and even touches the Heavens above. God bless you. My love is with you beloved souls. God bless you.