Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 16, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Blessings to you, beloved brothers and sisters. I am Matthew. Indeed we are with you in your ventures, each of you as you continue to grow in the blessing of God’s Love. As your souls expand and come into alignment with God, so you invite your angel friends to be with you as you continue on this journey. What joy it brings us to have all who are present here and those who have participated in other Circles of Light to come together in harmony, wishing to continue to explore this great journey together and to expand out into the world, embracing all who may come to be a part of these great efforts and prayers.

And you will continue to expand in your work together. It is very desirable that you all work together in harmony and continue to walk the path together. As our beloved brother has suggested, that you look to one another for support and encouragement, wisdom and upliftment. Just as you look to God for the nourishment of your soul so you may look to one another to nourish your efforts upon this material plane, bringing loving support to one another, to open your eyes and your minds and your souls and truly appreciate the beautiful souls that are around you who wish to work with you. In this world of yours it is often an inclination to be separate and independent. In this way one feels that they have grasped their own personal ability and power to act in the world, to be less vulnerable to those around them who may in their minds seek to influence and control. This unfortunately has allowed this truth of Divine Love to take many different directions in the world. But indeed there is not a sense of unity as yet and with unity comes greater power and ability to show the world the beauty of this journey, this path of love. When you are brothers and sisters working together, you demonstrate the truth and the power of God’s Love to unify, to bring harmony, to bring truth.

Yes, most of you respect one another’s journeys and do not judge and control this journey, this individual journey. But it takes more than this, beloved souls. It requires that you all coalesce into one body that understands its purpose, that expresses the Will of God through you, that is strong and unified and clear. Indeed each has his individual journey, indeed each soul is unique and indeed there are many aspects of one’s spiritual life that are personal. But there is a unifying force amongst you and that is the Divine Love of God. As this force continues to work its beautiful transformative qualities within you, so it opens up greater avenues for you to reach out and express your gifts to one another.

The power of the Divine Love within your soul, with its ever increasing influence upon your mind, there is a tendency and a desire that originates from the soul to love your brothers and sisters and express that love in many ways. Do not inhibit this desire, my beloved and beautiful friends, but enrich it with your efforts and experiences in life together. In doing so, you create a powerful bond, a beautiful avenue for God to work through each of you and through all of you. As you are in this unified Circle of Light, this collection of beautiful souls working together, how much more powerful you may become as God’s channels of light, love and truth in the world. How you may indeed find unique expressions through this unified field of individuals seeking to serve humanity. Yes, you may venture forth on your own and have powerful influence in the world but imagine multiplying that influence through many other individuals, and you can see that there is a unique opportunity to bring powerful and beautiful truth to humanity through these mutual efforts and individual expressions joined together in love. Do not close your mind off from these opportunities, but seek to know God’s guidance, to know within your heart and soul what is in harmony with God’s Will. In this way you will find a great choice and an opportunity that is given with this invitation. Many blessings will ensue as you continue to walk upon your path, growing in love, growing in your capacities to love, growing in your abilities to serve as your gifts awaken in love.

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls. I am Matthew and indeed I wish to encourage you to work together, all of you, all who are upon this path and desire to serve God. You are truly brothers and sisters in the world. Recognize the beautiful gift which is this fellowship. Recognize that God continues to open the doorways and the opportunities to serve together and you will find great fulfillment there, and great joy. May God bless you on that journey. My love is with you. God bless you. God bless you.