Spirit: Joseph
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 18, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Joseph. May God’s Love continue to awaken you, my friends. May God’s Love give you the insight and the perception to realise how His blessings have affected your lives, your very soul, in such deep and profound ways that it is changing everything within you and without. 

Much change is coming for each one of you for change is inevitable when one continues to forge an alliance with God. So what you bring to yourselves, to your souls in prayer, in thought and deed, beseeching God to bless each moment of your lives, so new doors open, new possibilities come to be realised, and you change. You change those deep parts of yourself that determine your desires, your perceptions, your wants and your needs. This inner shift within you will be manifest in your lives, creating for each one of you different motivations and desires. Your priorities will change, my friends. What it is that you most desire and find great pleasure in will be different from that which was your usual way of life. 

This does not mean that it will bring great disruption to your life. Rather, the way you perceive it and the way you come to deal with life and all the challenges and blessings that come with life will be different. Those around you will feel this difference, this shift within you. For, what you emanate, what you speak, what you do, will reflect the power of God’s Love within your souls. So each step that you take in life will be determined not so much by the old patterns of the mind, the old ways that you have been so comfortable with, but instead, an impetus to move forward in a different way, to express yourselves in a different way, to respond to those around you in a way that is more in alignment with love. 

So these old patterns, these old beliefs and old perceptions will fall away. As your soul transforms in the Father’s Love, so this new way of being will be  an attractive powerful force that will bring you along a different path and way of being. Your thoughts will change. Those things that you desire and like in your life will change. You will feel and know a deep connection with the Creator and this knowing will motivate you in the ways of which I speak, for God will influence you in a direct way, will carry you and guide you in directions unanticipated, unimagined.

There is much awaiting each one of you. Depending upon your commitment, your efforts, your prayers, and your intentions, so life will unfold in accordance to these things within you combined with your free will expressed in the world. When one allows God to guide you, so there is a commingling of God’s Will and your will in your life and this merging of these two powerful elements will bring forth a harmony in your life that will bring great joy and many experiences of Light and Truth. You will know God’s Presence, and you will feel His loving guidance and influence. You will be compelled to move further in the direction of Light so that you are in harmony with God’s Will and know what you are meant to be and do in the world. 

It is not that you give over to the power and desire of God. It is, rather, that you recognise and accept this gift that is God’s blessings upon you and his guidance for you. In this way, harmony unfolds and blossoms in your life. A great joy and happiness will be yours. No matter the conditions you may face, no matter the challenges that may come, that deep sense of joy, that deep sense of peace, that deep sense of wisdom and knowing of the soul will be your mainstay, your rock, and your foundation in life. In this way, you will be guided true and know your way without doubt and speculation. Rather, a true and compelling journey guided by your awakened soul and God’s beautiful Soul continuing to infill you with His Love and wisdom, Truth and Will.

May you truly be guided upon that journey, my beloveds. You are each beautiful lights. You each have great potentials, deep gifts to share with others, wondrous possibilities upon your path unfolding In the Light of God’s Love. 

God bless you, my friends, and keep you in His Light and Love. You continue to emerge, to grow, to expand in Love, to awaken in Truth. May that be always so upon your journey. God bless you. I am Joseph and my love is with you, dear ones. My love is with you.