Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 27, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Message received during prayer after a LightBringers Core Team meeting which focused on updates of current LightBringers projects and other anticipated projects that are flowing from ideas of this team and others associated with the LightBringers movement. Matthew describes a beautiful picture that we are all creating together through our desire to follow God’s Will and guidance and to share the benefits and blessings with our brothers and sisters.

God bless you, beloved souls, I am Matthew. I wish to paint for you a picture that may adequately describe the process that you are engaged within and how many creative ideas are emerging in your efforts and communications together and with others.

Think of that within a field, God has called upon an acorn that has created a mighty oak and within the growth of that oak many branches are forming, leaves are spreading–it is coming alive. And so what you are creating together is nourishing this great oak that in time will spread forth and shade many in the Light and beauty of God’s Love, bringing a sense of protection, safety, beauty, truth and love under this great and beautiful tree. As well as this gift from God, this beautiful creation of God which is being manifest through you all, below this oak is a meadow and what is emerging from this meadow are the seeds that God has planted and from these seeds come many flowers, creating a beautiful and colorful meadow. And this reflects the ideas that are coming within your minds and souls expressed with excitement and joy, wanting to share with your brothers and sisters many beautiful things, many beautiful truths and blessings.

And so the picture that I paint is that of a beautiful scene, resplendent with God’s creations brought forward with your efforts and prayers and desires to serve. And who would not be drawn to such a beautiful place? Who would not see the beauty of it? Who would not find comfort and blessings there, comfort for the soul, comfort for the mind, and a sense of perceiving the great Love of God through all these manifestations of which I speak? Indeed, many will be drawn to your place of refuge, of truth, of love. And there you will commune together, sharing with one another the beauty of the truth of your own soul, sharing with one another a desire to uplift, to love, and to support your brothers and sisters, sharing because God has blessed you deeply, empowered you with insight and truth, and infused within you Love so that these elements may indeed be expressed in all their beauty, wonderment and uniqueness. Under this great embrace of God, it brings to you such joy, such insight, and ever greater capacity to love.

You have entered the meadow. You have recognized the great tree, this beautiful oak of truth. You come to pray and speak together, to commune. And in your adoration of God’s great blessings and creation, you come to draw your brothers and sisters forth to say, “Here we are in this great cathedral of God’s creation, this beautiful place of peace. And so we will all benefit and be blessed as we gather in this place.”

So you see that what you are creating is something of great beauty and power and love and joy. You are doing so not because you have intended to create this but your eyes are open to what God has created and is beckoning you forward to this beautiful place where all will be in harmony and there will be a beautiful unfolding of God’s Will in your lives, in the lives of all who gather to be within the great truth of God’s Love.

May God bless you, beautiful and beloved souls, who are beginning to see, who are feeling the compelling voice of your soul and God’s guidance coming through your soul to continue to awaken yourself and those around you. To do so in this beautiful place that God has created for you and will provide for you all that is required to bring about your dreams, your desires, your guidance, your efforts in accordance with God’s Will and God’s plan. May God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you in this peace, this knowing, this surety, this receptivity that allows all that is to come to flow with great beauty and harmony. God bless you, and may your souls continue to seek the nurturance of God, His great Love flowing forth, keeping all alive and vital in this beautiful place.

 I am Matthew and I am happy to see you continue to open your awareness, share your thoughts, your desires, your inspiration for in this way you elicit the support of one another, the wisdom that may be shared, the insights that will come to add to your own and bring you deeper into that which God intends through your efforts. God bless you. I am with you often. God bless you, beloved souls, be in peace and know God embraces you in this truth. God bless you.