Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 9, 2019
Location: Meyersdale, PA

Beloved souls, I am Augustine and I teach these beloved souls who have come to share with you the blessing of the Divine Love. You ask, what is the soul? What is that place deep within me that my angel friends have said is so vital and important in my spiritual journey? Yet, that place within you that is the soul is difficult to discern and difficult to understand, for the faculties that you are using to understand these aspects of yourself are not of soul. They are of the mind. The mind’s perception of reality, of truth, of your own internal make-up is woefully inadequate in its ability to know the wonderment of the soul.

This is why we ask you to pray, to open yourselves in prayer and to ask God for the gift of the Essence of His Soul, this Divine Love to flow into your soul. For in this gift, in this blessing comes an awakening, a stirring within you whereby the soul is activated and awakened. Thus begins a journey that is eternal. Thus begins the possibility of truly understanding your own soul. In this, comes a deeper understanding of God who is pure soul. The soul does not have physicality, although soul has presence and soul has a position within your body, commonly understood as where your solar plexus are located.

Yet, for many of you in prayer, when you receive the inflowing of the Divine Love, you do not feel the Love coming into that area of your body. Many of you feel it coming into your mind, the top of your head. So this too may confuse the individual in their reckoning of soul. I tell you, my beloved and beautiful friends, your individual experience of soul will be unique. The recognition of soul in a conscious way will be determined by many factors and aspects of your own unique being including the capacities of your mind to accept and within that mind are many filters and biases and ways of viewing the world that will determine this experience.

For some of you who are sensitive in certain ways, there is a direct correlation of the experience between the inflowing of God’s Love brought by the Holy Spirit and the positioning of the soul within your body. In this, those gifted souls recognize the opening and expansion, the warmth and the energetic signals of receiving this gift of Divine Love. But for many of you, it is a challenge as you walk upon this earth plane, as you use the faculties of your mind and your body to discern this experience in prayer, in supplication.

In time, however, you will all come to know this experience of receiving the Divine Love within your soul. You will come to recognize the location of your soul within your consciousness and your being. It will feel and be recognized as a singular place within you that is, in truth, the very core of your being. When you are able to put aside all of those biases and ideas of the mind, the material mind, when you are able to go deep with prayer and communion with God, then the soul becomes evident to your consciousness.

This does not mean that when you are in prayer and feel very little or things that do not relate in your idea of the soul that you are not receiving this blessing for you are, beloveds, provided you pray with earnestness and there is a longing. Then there is always a response from God. The laws continue to be activated and responsive to your prayers and desires. So I say to you, do not be overly concerned when you do not have a conscious recognition of your soul, the positioning of your soul, the sense of your soul within you. Know that because you exist, you are alive, you are a unique individual, that this is evidence enough of your soul. For without the presence of your soul within you, you cannot have or be or experience life. It is the most vital component of your being and it is activating all the other elements of your being.

So when you open your eyes and you look around, you are seeing and recognizing and experiencing life because you possess a soul. It is evidence of soul. Because of those elements within you, those aspects of your mind which tend to formulate your reality, it does not mean that the soul is inactive and non-present. It merely means that your consciousness has not been highly attuned to this subtle but powerful place within you. Yes, this is a goal. There is a need to sensitize yourself, hopefully to put aside the power of your mind, to control the experiences of your being in prayer, to be in that place of deep peace and to activate the faith that you carry within your soul. In time, those elements of your soul, the faculties of your soul will come alive to such a degree that you will experience and sense this other perspective, perspective of the soul and come to know it well.

It takes practice, beloveds. It takes further prayer, further activation of your soul with the Divine Love. In this, these things will awaken. They must awaken. Unless you willfully deny this awakening and experience of soul, it will come. In many ways, it comes so subtly that it is hard to recognize and delineate between your physical reality and the reality of your soul which is non-physical. Thus is your challenge, beloved souls, to truly recognize all of the aspects of your being, many of which have laid dormant and  have not been activated but will in time.

Many of you seek to have a healthy body, to activate all the potentials of your body that they function together in harmony. Seeking the soul is no different, beloveds. It requires your efforts and attentions. It is just that the approach is different. It is not a physically active thing. It is a spiritually focused effort. So, all of these parts of you, the mind, the body, that are part of your physicality, require that you set aside this consciousness that is so common in your experience and allow something else, that of the soul, to come forward. This comes in prayer. This comes in quiet contemplation. At times, it comes with song and music, the feeling of upliftment that comes when you are with your brothers and sisters as you are today.

Yes, there are many avenues the soul may take to come to your consciousness but my beloved, beloved friends, the deepest experience of the soul comes in your relationship with the Creator, knowing God, being with God in the stillness of your own being, and feeling and knowing this deep connection, this communion between your soul and God’s Soul. It is God’s desire and your greatest soul desire, to forge this relationship and connection with God. In this, all these things that I speak of, these awakenings of the soul will come and will come reflexively and responsively with your efforts and prayers, with the stillness and the grace of God’s Touch upon your soul. Without this relationship with God, the soul is barely active. For many things within the soul that may be activated requires this relationship, this opening of your soul.

This is why we say to you, have great faith, trust that this opening will indeed bring the many blessings of which I speak, the many things which you long for, the experiences and awakenings, the clarity, the wisdom, the joy that comes in this powerful relationship with your Creator. That His Love, this precious gift activates all of these things, brings the mysteries forward and resolved, transformed into truth.

So, my beloved friends, you are given a great opportunity. A great door opens to you. If you are willing to step forward through its threshold into these new realms of truth and reality, you will come to know many things that are such a mystery to those of you on Earth. Yet God gives and desires to give to you all the truth, all the truth that your soul is able to absorb. In this way, you will consciously know the great Creation of God, the wonderment of this universe. God has placed within you such beautiful capacities and abilities to know these things once they have been activated by love.

So this is the great journey, the great awakening of your being. The treasures that come in this journey are greater than anything you may seek in this life or the next. The power of love is what you seek. Understanding the power of love is what will bring all that you desire, all the wonderment of a life awakened in love and the gifts of God’s Love. May you continue to seek this gift, to truly understand the journey that God has set you upon and to know God as your Father, your Creator, the one who loves you more than you can imagine, the gifts that come in such abundance, beyond your comprehension at this time but will come nonetheless.

Beloveds, God places a feast before you. He invites you to receive all that He gives. May you indeed reach forward and draw within yourself all that is set before you. Then you will know the deep and abiding joy of a soul in harmony with God.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine. I welcome you to this circle, a circle in which much light pours upon it and many angels are with you, beloveds. Take advantage of these blessings. Open yourself as wide as you can and with your faith accept all that is given and all that can be. God bless you, beloveds. Augustine loves you. God bless you. God bless you.