Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 02, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Yes, I have returned to answer your question, dear daughter. The origins of God’s plan for the salvation of mankind come from His Great Soul. The manifestations and energies that are expressed by His Great Soul focus upon your Earth plane. For all things physical have origins within the spiritual, the energetic fields of Creation. So the beginnings of God’s plan start within this energetic field where God will continue to manifest actions and efforts to help balance the world.

You have been invited to be co-creators in this effort. So your prayers, desires to be used a channel for God’s Will, are important for they add a certain element to this process of materialising blessings and manifestations in the material world. It is not necessary for you to know the details of this great plan. It is merely necessary for you through your own faith, desires, and efforts, prayers to be a part of it, to be an open and active agent of God and His Will. To know these things within your soul, and manifest them in your intentions and actions in the world.

God’s plan is fluid. It changes. It bends and flows with the currents of this material world of yours. The intention is always to bring harmony, to neutralise that which is not in harmony. So these efforts and expressions of God are manifest moment by moment, situation by situation in the world. As the free will of man has indeed dominated the conditions of your world, so this will is unpredictable in many regards and is reactive to the many conditions in your world, many thoughts generated by humanity, the actions imposed upon this world by the desires and inclinations of humanity.

Though God has great vision and understands all, to work within the parameters of His Laws of Creation requires this flexibility and fluidity in action. God is certainly one step ahead of the moment but it is a subtle and complex and challenging situation in which God may and must move within the parameters of these Earthly conditions.

You are in the same situation, beloved souls. This is where your faith and strength, your capacities to listen to God’s Will and to act within it, the intensity of your prayers, the desire of your soul, the knowings and guidance that come as a result of these efforts, must constantly strive for alignment with God and must be in the great flow of God’s Will. To give to you specific information about events that are happening or are about to happen is not productive. It merely distracts you from your spiritual pursuits.

There are times when this may be done or given in order to assist you in your efforts or protect you in certain circumstances but this is where I will come when needed. Instead, it is walking in the world with great faith, faith in God, your alignment with God, your efforts of soul to be in communion, to be a great channel of love, to pray for your world, to pray all the souls and creatures of your world. This is complying with God’s Will in regards to His plan for the salvation of mankind. Where you may shed Truth upon another and give some comfort, some clarity, some peace, then indeed you are complying with God’s Will and plan.

Yes, there is much to do but the doing is in the moment, is within the Light that you carry and the faith that you carry and prayers that you have and the thoughts that you entertain. What manifests through you and around you is important. Consider the moment, beloved souls. Consider the moment and be in harmony with God.

This will bring all the answers you seek. This will bring the revelation of the moment in regards to God’s plan. All comes with faith and trust and love. May God bless you, beloved souls. May God bless you deeply with His Love awakening the great wisdom of the soul, giving you the understanding that is deeper than mind, that goes beyond the intellect, the words, the linear thoughts to that place of soul that is multi-dimensional and empowered by Love. God bless you, beloveds. I am Josephus.