Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 22, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, may the Father’s Love find an inflowing into your souls, awakening all of the faculties and beautiful gifts that lie within. There is always change, beloved souls, in God’s Creation. There are adjustments and recalibrations, there is always a drawing towards harmony in God’s Universe. Within each of your souls is a longing to be in the pure Light that you were created within. As you seek spiritual progression, there is a great desire to release all those things that are not in harmony with the goals which you have set before yourself. 

In the case of receiving the Great Gift of God’s Love, there is an impulse, a compulsion, to release all conditions that are not in harmony with this Love, with this Essence from God flowing into your soul. The power of this Love will indeed push out those conditions that are not of love. The great flow of God’s Love is an activating agent and it’s goal is to bring harmony and at-onement with God. To do so, one must release that within you which is not in harmony with all aspects of God’s Creation, His Love and His Essence.  

So, change is inevitable, shifting, growing, expanding. These things come as you continue to yearn for greater Truth and greater Love. Within this process, that part of you that is so much a part of the human condition resists this shifting and growing and releasing. One often feels a sense of fear and foreboding of what is to come. For, when such vital parts of yourself that you have harbored for many years and has become such an integral part of your human self comes to the fore and is prepared by the power of God’s Love to be released, so the struggle is intense. 

As the desire to hold on grows, so the pressure of the power of God’s Love pushes forth, creating tension, pain and confusion. This is why you must pray, to release these conditions within you. No matter how vital they seem as a part of your person, they are meant to be released. You are obligated by the very nature of your spiritual path to release them. 

This is where you must have faith, beloved souls. When you are in pain and when you feel the intensity of the struggle, when you know that something is not right within you, this is a time for prayer. This is a time to go to God to ask for the great healing of His Love. When you come to an acknowledgment of this pain, these circumstances, these memories within your being, you must come to that place of allowing this to be released. 

It is important that those aspects of your person that are not in harmony with love must be rid of, released and healed. How else in this world will there be greater light if those who are seeking greater light cannot face the great challenge of the soul needing the healing of God’s Love andreleasing the encrustations that are of the human condition?

So you will be challenged. This is part of the changing world. For, even the Earth, your beloved Mother Earth is changing and shifting, undergoing its own expiations. This, itself, will ignite at times the release of your own conditions of the soul that are not in harmony. Be prepared to welcome this healing and this release. Though you may struggle, as you will because you are human, you are meant to be able to release these conditions easily. But the mind is a powerful aspect of your personality and often creates this resistance. So you must confront your mind, those beliefs of your mind, those ideas, those memories, those emotions, those things that are dark aspects of each personality. God will assist you in this releasing and healing. God desires for you to be free of these conditions. God will continue to guide you towards this freedom, this release and this healing. 

It is meant for each one of you. In this process of letting go, your lights will shine bright. You will be able to release all the inhibitions that reflect a soul incapable of love. You will find freedom, expression and joy in God’s Love. You will know your true self like you have never known this vital part of you. That which is heavy, that which is dark, that which is of pain, that which is not of harmony, is destined to be healed and released. 

This is the Law of Love, and this is how God heals His children and brings them into at-onement, that he replaces the wounds and dark places with His Love, with that bright and beautiful, wondrous elixir of Love that is the activating agent, for all that is good and in harmony with the universe. These things shall emerge from your souls as you allow that which holds them back and be released. 

May you continue on that journey of releasing those parts of you that are not of God but of man, and are not meant to be a part of you, that you may indeed let these things go and in a way renounce this human condition and embrace the harmony that is of God.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem. My love this with you. I continue to guide you and encourage you, to help you in many ways. There are many who are with me who desire as well to lead you upon your path of soul awakening, soul healing, of the expression of great love and joy. God bless you, beloveds, God bless you.