Spirit: Professor Salyards
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 6, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC

Good afternoon, my friends, I am your Professor Salyards. What a gathering this is. Though you are small in numbers in the flesh, your spirit counterparts are many. Each grouping, of which there are many, is bringing a certain talent, ability, gift, practice, aspect of development benefitting this circle are coming together in all its capacities and potentials. 

It is a remarkable gathering, one that is unusual upon your Earth plane. Often it is a gathering of certain individuals who are of like mind, who come to those who pray in circles or in churches, or wherever they may be. But today, you have many different groups from many different parts of the spirit world, the Celestial Heavens, and the world beyond your physical world. 

They have met and gathered and discussed and organized themselves accordingly for many months before this gathering. They have anticipated, and excitedly so, this gathering, for you have allowed the opening of a great work. You have come together with great dedication, with openness, with love so that what may take place and what is taking place at this moment has been made possible. You have helped to open many doors. In a way, you have helped to unify many forces in the spirit world and in the cosmos of God’s creation. So though, in your material sense and vision, you see yourselves as a small band gathering together with a high purpose, but in reality, you are the tip of the iceberg of many who are with you, who are here to assist you, who are here to open the door of many blessings and manifestations through you upon this material world. How privileged and blessed you are, my friends.

Many have waited for long centuries to have the opportunity to open the portal of truth to this world, so to begin the true shifting of consciousness and understanding of truth, for humanity. You are the forerunners, my friends. I know you do not see yourselves as great and intrepid travellers, adventurers upon this path, this great dedication of service and love for humanity, but indeed, you are. Indeed, you have come to this place through many years of preparation, of blessings and experiences, of awakening your soul through God’s Love so that you may be prepared for what is to take place in this time.

It has the potential to change your lives, and it has the potential to change the lives of many, many souls who are indeed seeking for truth but have many obstacles and barriers in their way as their minds continue upon the course of deep biases and deep fears and deep misunderstandings. Here we may come and teach and clear many of these obstacles from those seeking souls, the souls who desire to be instruments of light, instruments of change, instruments for God, instruments for the benefit of humanity.

Today we begin to walk through a great portal which has the potential to change the world. Do you not feel the momentum of this occasion, the great blessing that is your gathering, your dedication to this venture, that which you call DV or Direct Voice? In truth it is much more than this. It is the awakening, the awakening that must come to this world. In many ways, it begins right at this moment amongst you, through you, and upon you.

My friends, we begin a beautiful journey together, a momentous and historic effort to assist God in His great plan for the salvation of humanity. You are truly blessed to be together. I sincerely hope that you make the most of your time, that you endeavour to seek that which God wishes to bless upon you and manifest through you for much awaits, much awaits, my beautiful and precious friends. How privileged are we to also participate in this wonderful effort to bring truth to humanity, light to the world, peace, healing, love, all the good and spiritual blessings and qualities that must be nurtured in your world in order for it to change.

Manifesting this is essentially simple and direct but difficult to accomplish upon this planet of varied ideas and conditions, desires and ambitions. We must loosen the chains of materialism, the chains of error, the chains of fear, the chains that prevent love from manifesting. We must all work diligently to break these chains that shackle humanity. You understand and acknowledge what must be done in simple terms. This is truly all that you need to know and to understand. The rest can be left to us and to God for we may indeed bring those complicated aspects and elements into play so that we might be successful in developing your gifts so to manifest in the world.

It is our desire which has been blessed by God to manifest in a way that all humanity can see and hear and know our presence, influencing many and inspiring them towards awakening their own soul through understanding the great Love of God, through understanding their own true potential, those parts of themselves that they do not see nor acknowledge. This too fundamentally is simple but the road that we must take together is a circuitous route bypassing those elements and aspects of the human condition that would thwart these efforts and cause  barriers and doubts that are part of your own condition.

I know you do not see yourself as encumbered by these things but indeed and deep within you are aspects and elements that are not conducive to our work. So, we urge you all to be vigilant in your own self-understanding and perceptions and to see those things within you that may be in the way of the clear road towards true instrumentality, service to God, the true flow of love clear and powerful that will touch many souls. We may manifest many things. Indeed, if we were inclined, at this very moment we could manifest many things through you, such gifted souls that you are. Yet our true dilemma and conundrum is will this incite those aspects of yourself that will in their own way sabotage these efforts for we are not willing to open the door unless you are ready and prepared, unless you can release those personal barriers and truly be a beautiful light and channel for God.

I know we ask much of you, my friends, but indeed, where much is given, much is expected. We cannot enter into this great venture without honesty, truth, clarity, and purity. Otherwise, we open the door for you in a way that much vulnerability and many unfortunate lessons may ensue as this gift is opened for each of you. The world will challenge you, my friends. The world is not truly ready to be challenged by you and your gifts, but the time grows short and we must be strong. You must prepare yourselves through the vigilance of your own true self through prayer and seeking for God’s blessings and healing upon yourselves, having the great faith that is built through prayer and desire to be close to God, and understanding that when the time comes, much will be asked of you. This may cause some anguish and some difficulties in your life which up to this time, for many of you, has been very engaged in the earthly condition and engaged in many aspects and relationships that demand of you further engagement with the earthly condition.

Because of these barriers and expectations of the world and your own doubts and those parts of you that you label as weakness but indeed are just aspects which need healing and recalibration, until this time comes and you are fully prepared then we will not manifest these things that from our perspective, are not particularly difficult to manifest. Yet, from your vantage point from the Earth plane, there are great challenges and difficulties. As you may surmise, the requirement of various elements, energies, aspects, gifts, those parts of yourself which need to be in alignment  and fine-tuned, if you will, is what is required and what will engage us greatly in these efforts to assist you in this development.

Precious and beloved souls, you come as children. I hope that in the weeks to come, you will leave with a greater maturity and strength and capacity to be true channels and instruments in the world. My hope is that all of you will surpass these challenges and come to see yourselves as true and beautiful instruments of God. In this may you more fully live your life in harmony with God’s Will though the world will seem a different place. Your part and place within the world will truly change as you grow, expand and develop in this great gift and in the gifts that are awaiting you, the gifts that are yearning to emerge through you for the benefit of many.

You are given a great opportunity, my friends. I know we have said this over and over again but indeed, if you could see the many, many souls that surround you at this time who are ready and willing to assist you, the great resources that are at your feet that may be utilized to uplift, uphold, to develop and bring great change to each of you in fundamental and deep ways, your souls would respond to all of these blessings that are coming. May you be open and willing and engaged fully in what is being given and manifest around you and through you. May you be strong, steadfast in this effort. Release your fears and your doubts. Walk in the way of truth. Know that the world needs you and that each of you has a destiny to walk as a deep and great channel of love in the world,  bringing truth and blessings to many.

It is not a role that is often welcomed but it is a role and an instrumentality that will bring great change to your world and essentially our world for what happens in the material world is reflected in the spiritual world. You will find yourselves at the threshold of many opportunities to serve God. Some will be simple and humble and some will be beyond your dreams but all will be in alignment with God’s Will and plan.

May you truly, truly come to this understanding. May you come to know your own true selves in all its beauty and wonderment and also in all its flaws and those parts that are encrusted and difficult to dislodge. Both parts and aspects, of your spiritual world are important to uncover and acknowledge for if you are not truly aware of yourselves in love, in encouragement, in truth, in joy, in wisdom, then how can you be those individuals of which I speak, of which I am greatly encouraged and see around me, beautiful souls of light. You are indeed beautiful souls of light who are embarking upon a journey towards greater light and greater beauty. 

May God’s blessings be upon your soul, awakening, awakening, my friends, all that is a part of you and within you. May God bless you, my friends. Thank you for being here and dedicating yourselves to a great venture. God bless you. I am your Professor Salyards and my love for you is great. I feel such joy in my heart knowing that there are those upon this earthly plane who truly wish for greater light , greater truth, greater love for the world So, you shall be blessed and you shall be empowered to bring these blessings through you to many. God bless you. God bless every one of you.