Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 6, 2021
Location: Gibsons, BC

May the Love of God awaken you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem and I welcome you all to this circle. So many weeks and months of preparation has gone into this culmination of events, bringing you together, bringing all of your hopes and dreams and all our hopes and dreams into one place. You within the fleshy bodies of the earthly plane and we in our spirit coming to you, making together a great Circle of Light, a Circle of Light that shall open up many avenues of manifestation and blessings, not only for yourselves but for this world.

May you all come to realize the great gift and potential that God has blessed us with. This opportunity in your lives in this world that may facilitate a powerful avenue towards God’s plan for the salvation of humanity expressed in your world for as we sit together, not merely for our own gratification and mindful desire, but in service to humanity, in service to a world that is suffering, a world that is greatly out of balance and out of harmony. We create together an island of light so powerful, so concentrated that when this accumulation of blessings of light, of energy and love is released into the world, it will be as a powerful wave touching every soul.

The power of prayer and the power of our mutual efforts to reach God, to be in alignment with God, to walk for these moments with God opens up the many possibilities, doorways and portals of blessings that are so needed in your world. Each of you have within you many great gifts and possibilities to bring about many of those blessings that God desires to bestow upon His children, all His children upon this world. Yet, because of the mechanics of this universe, this material world, it requires an instrument, an individual on the Earth plane to bring about many of these manifestations and blessings for the benefit of humanity.

You have elected to come together to form a great and powerful Circle of Light in conjunction with we in the Celestial Kingdom and the bright spirits of the higher planes of spirit to work together in harmony and unison to help initiate a powerful current of change that will shift the consciousness of humanity, that will bring to many souls the awakening, the understanding, at least to some degree, of what is needed to salvage this world from its decrepit state.

Yes, much is put upon you, beloved souls, and much is required. We ask that in this time together you may dedicate every moment in prayerful thought, in desire of the soul, in yearning to be with God, to be at peace at all times, to promote harmony together with every action, every breath, every thought. Consider yourselves as elected to a position of great responsibility and power that will be given by God and the angels and the spirits. To open all that is within you that may be utilized to bring this power, this blessing, the glory and the Light of God’s Touch through you to the world.

You are, in some regards, the portal for God. As you come together in unison, harmony and love, so you strengthen this portal. Each day brings new opportunities and possibilities. Each day will bring unique experiences and openings of your own self and soul so that you may rise above the human condition and your own condition to that place where the soul is exalted in light, the awareness, the consciousness of your soul blooming into your own consciousness, the Love of God flowing freely into you and through you with the joy and wonderment of God’s deep Touch upon you. 

Much can be accomplished in this short time that we have together. May you take full advantage of your opportunities, the blessing that is given, and release all conditions, all thoughts of the material that are distracting, that retracts the great love, the great blessings of light that is being blessed upon you and enveloping you all.

Be in the Grace of God, beloved souls. Walk in the Grace of God. You are His servants elected to a particular task and it is our hope that we will all be successful in this venture. May God bless us all as we walk together in the Grace of His Touch, the bounteous blessings that are upon us and shall continue to flow. What may come is determined by your will, your moment-by-moment thoughts and efforts, your desires, your soulful, faithful desire to serve God and to serve all. 

God bless you. I am your servant, Seretta Kem. I am joyed by your presence, each one a beautiful light. God bless you. God bless you deeply, beloved souls. My love is with you all. God bless you.