Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 23, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

God bless you, beloved friends. I am Orion. Many efforts are being made on your behalf, my friends. We work diligently with your angel friends to bring what is required to help strengthen you, awaken you, and uphold you in your quest for light, higher wisdom and knowledge, and a soul filled with the great Essence of God. We continue to work to open corridors and avenues, roads toward service, toward interconnection with your brothers and sisters, not only upon this planet, but upon many planets, for this integration of light continues to move forward. We continue to make great efforts to ensure that all is done and unfolds in harmony and light.

Indeed, you will find that many will come to you with questions. We ask you to be forthright with your answers, to not hold back but to step forward, to say as honestly and clearly as you can the truth, for when you do so with integrity and with love, so the individual who asks the questions of you will respond within their hearts and feel a sense of trust and safety in your presence. In this, God is working, is he not? In this, the flow of love continues to forge connections and to bring healing and blessings to another, one soul at a time my friends.

As you work and continue to strive toward being God’s pure and beautiful instruments in your world, these souls benefit from your efforts and many souls benefit from your efforts. Your families benefit from your efforts. The world benefits for each individual who seeks light, who seeks to express light and to be a channel of light and truth and love benefits the world each soul at a time as you continue to strive upward and forward. Seek to be used as an instrument, seek to have God awaken you, and that your gifts may flourish in light, that your expressions may be that of harmony and love, so God continues to awaken you all upon this world of yours. We are eager and most blessed to be able to be handmaidens in this awakening, to serve and assist you all as you continue to birth your soul consciousness and soul light into the world and continue to unfold in a flow and a way that is in harmony with God’s timing and Will. 

Each of you are doing well in your efforts as you continue to be consistent and persistent in seeking out God, seeking out your own self, seeking to be used as God’s channels of light. We stand by you in protection, in love, in a desire to inspire and to uplift. There are many, those from the Celestial Kingdom, those from other planets in the galaxy, those of the high levels of spirit around your planet. Many, many souls are engaged in this work and are busily continuing to assist God in this unfolding plan. 

Be assured, my friends, that you are an integral part of this plan, that you have not fallen back but continue to move forward even though in your movements, forward in light and truth and love, you find that you are challenged, that indeed the conditions of your world become more evident, and the conditions of others who may try to thwart your efforts may be more intense and a greater challenge to you. Know that you continue to step forward, continue to put aside those parts of you which would inhibit and redirect your efforts.

Clarity is building within you, a clear light. The gifts and blessings that have been given will help you in this regard, so that you may truly sidestep those obstacles, conditions that will hold you from brighter light, greater love, and truth. We are with you. There is nothing within any of you here, those of you who are a part of this great movement toward light, that is strong enough or dark enough to hold you back from your destinies. 

We will proceed, my beloved friends. We will succeed in these efforts. As with anything, it requires effort, commitment, consistency, dedication. You continue to assert yourself along this path. So, the budding flower which shows one petal at a time will, as time proceeds, show its glory and its beauty, the beauty of your souls awakened. 

May God bless you, my friends. I am Orion. I am happy to address you today. I am happy to be with each of you as you continue in your progress. I am happy because this world of yours is on the verge of something wonderful and magnificent. So, you are a part of it, as are we, as are many. The light continues to shine and brighten and intensify. Blessings to you, my friends, and great love. God bless you.