Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 7, 2019
Location: Manhattan, NY

This is Andrew. Yes, we have prepared this place for you. We are with each dear soul who is venturing forward to come. They will indeed have an angel with them. You will have a condition of light amongst you so you may feel uplifted, healed, bonded in love as you say your prayers to the Heavenly Father so there will come great inflowings of the God’s Love. Great light and blessings will pour upon you. This is an important time that will bring a special gift and blessing to each who attends this gathering. You will each feel and know the power of this blessing upon you.

Beloved souls, we thank you for making the efforts to draw the souls together, to be in this place at this time so that you may take advantage of this Circle of Light in loving communion with God. Continue to prepare yourselves. Open your souls and feel the peace that passes all understanding and know that we are with you, that we will continue to nurture you along this path, this journey of light and love. As you souls open and your minds come into alignment with your souls, you will come to know all of God’s Truths, all of God’s Blessings, that journey ever upward in light and peace and joy. 

We are with you. Know that we are with you. We are with your loved ones. For all those who are taking times away from your lives, know that we will bless those who will miss you. We will keep all in the light and protection and love.

Andrew loves you and many love you. You will come to know how loved you are. As you are together in this Circle of Light, so you will feel ever greater pulses of love filling your souls, awakening your beings, uplifting, and healing. May God bless you accordingly. May your desires, the desires of your souls continue to intensify and long for God and all blessings will come in response to your prayers and yearnings and so you will be blessed. God bless you, beloveds. I am Andrew. God bless you.