Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 13, 2021
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

God bless you, beloved souls, I am Matthew. I come today to add some clarity and explanation as to what is possible in these circles as you come together and pray and be a part of this Circle of Light. As you reach for the highest, as your prayers strike its mark and bring a response from God to your soul, so you ignite a series of events and open a variety of possibilities for God to use you as instruments in the world.

Together you become a great lens of light which may be constructed by we in the Celestial Kingdom and directed in accordance to God’s Will into the world, so we are all working together to bring blessings to humanity. This work when in alignment with God, when each soul involved is in alignment with God, so the blessings that can pour forth are powerful and of the highest and purest caliber. And so we may use each one of you in this way for we can utilize various aspects and gifts of your person in order to direct blessings for others. Even your physical bodies can be used as a finely tuned instrument to bring blessings of healing to others for you are a part of the great resonant energies of your earth plane, what you often call the magnetic light that is present in everything. So this light may be focused through you and you may be used as a channel of healing for others. And with your souls, provided they have been purified to a degree and the encrustations around it have been dispersed so that some Light may come through your soul. This too is another lens that God can use to direct Light and Love to individuals upon your earth, some whom you are connected to and know well–your families, your loved ones, some you do not know at all but because they are receptive and they have prayed for a blessing, then you, like us, become an instrument for God to bring blessings to another. Your mind as well is a sort of instrument that can be utilized to focus various energies through that may help to uplift and bless another.

When there is unity of thought and desire, when you come together as a great body of individuals with all of these capacities and abilities and gifts, so God may use you as He would, a symphony orchestra with various gifts aligned together and directed into the world as you sit together in this way, utilizing all of these different levels of your gifts, from the very physical to the very spiritual. So you see as you come together, primarily with the motivation of receiving into your soul the Divine Love and seeking to have that Love intensified within you, secondarily you are also being used as instruments for God to bring blessings to others. This is done in accordance to the condition of Light that is around you, and that it changes with each day as you well know. When certain forces are in alignment, these gifts are open, your souls are yearning, your minds are clear, your bodies are attuned to these psychic and spiritual gifts and energies, then we may do many things through you to assist many other souls upon your world. Indeed you pray for this and indeed these blessings come and flow through you, some individually and some through all of you, and some through groupings of you. And so we are here to orchestrate, to be the conductor if you will, of this wonderful orchestra, this music of the soul, these blessings of Light that come as God pours His blessings upon you and pours His blessings through you for the benefit of your brothers and sisters.

May you come to see the possibilities of your gatherings together, that much may come in accordance to your desire, your willingness, your faith, the power of your prayers, the beauty of your light, the great blessings that lie within your soul awaiting their unfolding and expression in the world.

Continue to pray together, beloved souls, for this is a vital step in a series of wonderful outcomes and expressions that are orchestrated and utilized by God and His beloved angels of the Celestial Kingdom. You are truly a part of these efforts and you do your part as a participant in God’s plan for the salvation of humanity. Know that what you do has many aspects and as you go deeper in your soul awareness, so you will see and come to know the great blessings that may be manifest through you.

May you be blessed on this journey of awakening, of love, of soul truth and soul expression. On that journey many insights and experiences will come as God continues to bless you, beloved souls, bless you beautifully and wonderfully and graciously in His Love. God bless you, I am Matthew and I thank you for listening to this lesson today. God bless you, beloved souls, we are with you, each one, we are with you. God bless you.