Spirit: Lotus Blossom
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September, 4, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessings to you, beloved souls, I am Lotus Blossom. I am part of the gathering of healers who have come to work with you, to bring the blessings of prayers and healings to those who you love and those you know are in need, and for those you do not know that we know are in need of these blessings. As we work together, we each contribute something to this work, whether it be a thought of love, a healing energy brought through you as healers, a prayer, a blessing. Each of us can be channels of love and healing for others, to have the Light of God’s blessings flow through us to this world, and to give each of you a blessing as well. 

God in His economy will bless everyone in the ventures and efforts that are in harmony with His Laws of Love. So, you are both the receiver and the giver in this work. You both have many angels working with you, each of you, so that the flow of light, the colors, the many blessings are intense and beautiful. A great light built, an aperture for these blessings to flow, and much is accomplished in this way. 

So I encourage you, beautiful souls, to bless your brothers and sisters with your love and healing, in prayers given as God’s channels of Love, that this world is in need of your efforts and your prayers, that all flows in love as God’s Love continues to flow upon you, and for you to receive this Gift within your soul. So, the channel for these blessings increases as the Love within your soul grows and dispels all that is not of Love. So your intentions together make for a powerful blessing upon your brothers and sisters. So you all walk in the light. You bathe in this beautiful light and you bring others with you, as your souls are connected to so many and so much goes out into the world.


May God bless you in your prayers and efforts together, and know that we in the Celestial Kingdom will continue to walk with you upon this path of service and light and love. God bless you. I am Lotus Blossom and I work with you in your efforts, as do many. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.