Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 9, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I come to this dear brother who has his own forms of reluctance, a bit of suspicion of this old Yogi who does not follow the Christian path and yet he, through his loving kindness and willingness, allows me to speak and so I shall speak. Your prayers to God are like a dream. They drift up to the Source of all Love and Creativity, goodness and Light. Your prayers are the yearnings of your soul set forth like a mist that reaches the Soul of God. And in this yearning, this desire to be in God’s Grace, to be at the Fountainhead of His Love, so you gather together to drink, to drink together, to be in this Grace and Love that is God’s Blessing for each of you.

May you always gather together in harmony. For as you gather, so many others join you in this song of the soul, seeking the cleansing, the healing, the peace and the joy that comes with the power of Love. It is the power of Love that connects you all, my friends. The power of your soul yearning that joins with others like strands in a rope that edges closer and closer to God.  So you combine your beautiful will and desire and prayer to make this connection strong so that it may rise ever higher to the Great Source of that which is God. May you continue to come together in Love and may you continue to acknowledge one another in Love. To realize that you are truly brothers and sisters, that they are all your brothers and sisters out in the world, going about their business unaware that they may come and commune and be within this beautiful Fountainhead of Love.

May you share your knowledge of this, your understanding, your truth and the beauty of your souls with those who are seeking, those who are bereft within, those who are in need of a friend and some comfort. Teach them how to pray, my friends. Teach them that God is only Love and that this Love that is God’s Great Soul will uplift and heal and wash away the worries and the cares. So much God puts before His children in loving ways of reaching the soul, uplifting the soul, bringing you all together in soulful harmony. May you truly know His Great and Beautiful Soul. May you truly know that you are created to reflect His Greatness and Beauty. You are special creations in the universe. Each of you are unique and indeed beautiful. How we come together in these Circles, in this Light, affirms the Beauty, affirms the Truth and the reality of God’s Great Love for us all.

My brothers, my sisters, we are together in this beautiful and magnificent Light. Drink in the Water, the Water of God’s Love, this magnificent Elixir of the Soul, and higher we will go, ever higher upon this great path that leads to at-onement, that leads to greater Love, that leads to joy abandoned in all of your excess and expression of joy. Blessed and beloved brothers and sisters, may you continue to join us in this place, this Sacred place where we are with God together, acknowledging this Truth in Love, knowing that within our souls we are fulfilling our destinies in the great journey of discovery and awakening, of Truth and Love. We are together. We join together in the harmony of God’s Love.

May God bless you deeply, my friends. My love for you is great, will continue to forge this bond as we continue to share this Truth. Blessings to you all, I am Yogananda. God bless you.