Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 27, 2021
Location: Gibson’s, B.C.

Precious and beloved souls, I come. I am Jesus. I come to bless my brethren. I come to join you in prayer. I come to comfort you as you see the conditions of the world worsen and proclaim that all is not well with humanity and with this precious planet of God’s creation. I come because you are all in need of comfort and love and peace. I come because I love you.

Each of you are seeking solutions to the dilemmas to your life. Each of you have questions that need answering. Each of you walk a path that often feels alone and without the peace and grace of God upon it. For the human condition is powerful and carries you into conditions of darkness at times, though you know the road out of these conditions, you know that which you must do to nullify the darkness and bring the light. Call upon me to be with you in those times of need. Call upon your angel friends who will come to surround you in prayer and will come to uplift you in need. And so, we work as God’s instruments wherever the calling is, so we go and are a part of God’s intention to answer your prayers for those who seek to be healed and uplifted, comforted and loved. These things come with your sincere desire, your sincere effort to be with God and to not allow these conditions of the earthly plane to overwhelm you and take you to a place that brings pain and confusion. 

Beloved souls, there is always healing for God’s children. There is always a blessing for those who seek in prayer, earnestly and diligently. There is always a solution to a problem and a dilemma. It may not be what you anticipate nor what you pray for, but indeed, God will find a way to bring a blessing to those who are in distress, for those who feel hopeless, for those who are suffering, for those who are confused. God will find a way if that is what they wish for, the blessings of God upon them. God is using many ways and utilizing many instruments to bless those souls upon the Earth of which there are many who are lost. His plan continues to unfold and the conditions of the world continue to be in flux and you, beloved souls, are continuing to grow in strength and light anchoring the light to this Earth and we are with you in this. We continue to be drawn to you, to work with you to bring greater light to the world. Be that strength, beloveds. Be that anchor of light. Ignite the great lattice of light that is being built to uphold the world and uphold the souls who seek light in the world and to bring healing to all that is in your world.

As you know, much is coming. As you see, much is unfolding and you must walk in faith. You must seek God’s comfort and presence and Love. For this is the key as all else unravels. So you will be strong and steady in the world. And you will know that God is guiding you and you will walk in His guidance and love and beside you will be your angel friends, your guides and those who work through you for the benefit of others. God’s plan is intricate and mighty and beautiful in its expression. Be attuned to this plan, beloveds. Think of this plan often. Think about how you may be part of this plan, that you may be guided accordingly, and your gifts and instrumentality may come as a stalwart effort to uphold humanity and uphold God’s plan for the salvation of all. 

You are truly His children, beloveds, and the many who seek for the healing and harmony of your world, they are God’s children and all who seek in light and love will know God as their child and their connection and acknowledgement of God, the Heavenly Father, the One who seeks to care for and enwrap each soul in love, His creations, His beautiful creations. The highest and most wondrous of His creations are the souls of humanity, living a life that has the potential to be in harmony with all His creation and all His laws, given the right path, the right choice, the right openings of the soul to receive the igniting love that heals and transforms all beloved souls. 

I come to be with you again and shall come again and again. As you continue to progress and seek the awakening of love, so you draw me into your midst and many others from the Celestial Kingdom. We are together in this great venture, this great effort to bring light and truth and love to a suffering world, a world that continues to escalate into greater darkness and chaos. You are needed, beloveds, deeply needed in your world. Continue to seek God’s guidance and be in alignment with God and you will find your way and purpose, that which must come through each of you that will be in harmony and in alignment with His plan. Beloveds you are deeply loved. I love you, I love you dearly. Beloved souls of God’s creation, beloved brothers and sisters who are a part of the great light, who are in the flow of God’s Truth and Love, we are together. We are together in His great flowing of Love, the blessings of our Heavenly Father. We are together in love. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you