Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 11, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I thank you my son for your prayer. I come, I am Jesus and I come to assure you all that you are in light, that you carry light and you express light in your lives. Many of you have deep destinies to fulfil in this world, a purpose that God has seeded within your souls that brings you and compels you to step forward in the world to speak truth, to be a channel of light and love for those whom you are in contact with daily. Here in this wondrous way, together, you are creating and weaving a beautiful network of light. For God plans to cast a great net of light over the world. For God to do so, he requires those who are willing to be the underpinnings for this great net. To hold it in place with their prayers. To be in harmony with this great effort and desire of God to envelop all his children upon the earth with a great net of light that will work its effects to inspire the souls of many to open to the truth of God’s Love and Presence. 

With this opening and in some way an acknowledgement of God’s great blessings upon the world, so the world will begin to awaken. In this awakening, others will be incorporated within this net and so it will go, spreading and spreading, bringing this truth forward in the world. 

You are all a part of this great plan for the salvation of humanity. It continues to unfold. Its power continues to be strengthened and the net widens, bringing in many souls. Though at this juncture few are aware, few realise the stirring of their souls, but as you continue to pray and as you continue to grow in numbers, so you are enlivening this net with your efforts as God uses you as his channels of love and blessing. So, the world slowly awakens from its slumbers and there are those children, as are you, imbued with purpose that will come to awaken to this purpose and destiny. This is how the leaders of light will come to be and show themselves and show themselves to God. 

Your efforts, your strength and consistency, your prayers and your faith and love grows as you receive more of God’s love within your souls, so your lights brighten. The power of your presence becomes known to others. You will find that how you are approached by others will change. Some will be very drawn by your lights while others will feel uncomfortable and confused by your presence. Not that you are walking in the world preaching of this truth, but you are merely walking in the light of God’s Touch. So, this blessing emanates through you, so your souls begin to grow in strength and light and truth. Every soul who you come in contact with will feel this, will sense the gift of light within you and this will stir them. As I say, some will feel uncomfortable by this presence and power about you as the Grace of God moves and emanates and expands within your soul. Yet God uses your beautiful souls and what you bring in your unique personages to the world to cast seeds upon the fertile ground. These seeds will begin to grow as God blesses this ground with light and all that is required for them to germinate and to make themselves present in the world, in the souls of humanity.

It is a subtle plan, yet it is powerful and has a great direction, an unfolding expression that is God’s doing and God’s Expression in the world. Thus, the salvation of this world, the healing of this world, the balance that must come to this world will be expressed and brought forward by His instruments of light. Some of you feel the stirring, this purpose within you. Some are not yet aware. But indeed, you have all been called together to truly know what deeply resides within you and what God has placed within you. A calling, a bell that chimes and rings true in the world, calling other souls to awaken and be within the harmony, truth and love, which is God’s blessing upon your world. 

I come to acknowledge you all beloved souls. Your beautiful souls that are yearning for God and continues to awaken you to truth.  So, you will find your way, so you will be an integral part of this net of truth and love and light that is being cast over your world. So, you will be an instrument that will strengthen this net and strengthen the great plan that God has devised for humanity to overcome these great obstacles of darkness and error and unloving expressions. Humanity will be saved from themselves and you will be saved from yourselves beloved souls. You will come to know your true selves, your true light, that which is deep within you that yearns and struggles to be expressed and to be with God. And so, you will find your own way. 

Be guided by the angels of God. Be guided by light and love and truth. Together you will find your way. Individually, you will find your relationship with the Creator. Many are coming and many are coming to join you in prayer and efforts to be instruments of God, channels of love and light, so to bring many blessings to your brothers and sisters. Have faith in the purpose that God has placed within you. Come to know this. Pray to know this beloved souls. Pray to know the great Love of God, to receive it within your souls so that it may awaken these things within you, this purpose that awaits your acknowledgement, your gifts, your efforts, your light. 

May God bless you upon your journeys, upon your efforts, upon your souls. I am with you. The power of my prayers are with you. The power of the prayers of the Celestial Kingdom are with you. The Light of God’s Touch continues to awaken you and to pull you forward upon this path that is so important and needed in your world. 

Blessings to you all, beloved souls. I am your brother, your teacher, your friend. I am Jesus and my love for you is great. God bless you. God bless you beloveds.