Spirit: Mylora
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 26, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

God bless you my friends, I am Mylora. Not often do you consider that part of your instrumentality and part of the plan that is being developed is to express the healing gifts that are inherent within each one of you. For when your brothers and sisters are lost but seeking, come to you, often the first thing that they are receptive to is the expression of comfort and healing that may come through you.

For every soul that seeks, seeks because they are in pain, seeks because they are lost, seeks because within themselves is a yearning for something more, something of God. The most readily given gift and blessing is that of healing to your brothers and sisters. In this way they feel uplifted and comforted. If they are in physical pain and discomfort, they may feel relief. This is a sign to them that what you bring has validity, power and beauty. 

Yes, you may manifest those of us who dwell within the Celestial Kingdom. You may bring these things and they are dramatic indeed. Yet, more readily available to you and through you is the gift of healing, the gift of comfort to another. I wish for you to understand that this touch, this embrace that you have and may have to your brothers and sisters is a powerful door opened for them to walk through. When they feel comforted, at peace, then they are more open to what you have to say, the truths that you may recite. In many ways, through healing, you may demonstrate the power of these truths.

This is not the only gift and manifestation that you may present to an individual, but it is one that needs serious consideration and to understand that each one of you has the gift of healing. Each one of you, when you touch another, there is a transference of a blessing of healing energies and light that comes through you to another. This may come unbidden and unconsciously so, yet it comes. For it is part and parcel of a soul developing in light, a soul resplendent in truth. As you receive the gift of God’s Love, so the blessings of healing are a part of this gift and manifest with this gift. For as God touches you with His very Essence, the Essence of His Soul, the soul is indeed a channel of great healing power and blessings for the universe. As you receive just one portion of this blessing of love, then you are also receiving many things that come with this blessing.

Indeed, everyone has the gift and ability to give energies that are uplifting and helpful. But when you receive the Divine Love within your soul you also are awakening aspects of yourself, gifts of the soul that include the capacity to be a channel for God’s blessings and healings for others. This is the law in action, a blessing manifest in many different ways. Indeed, as you are all unique, so the capacities to heal and bless reflect this uniqueness. Though the energies are the same, and they are universal, yet  how they are expressed, through whom they are expressed, will determine the effects upon another who is being blessed.

Be aware of your gifts, my beloved friends. Be aware the manifestation of spirit is just one aspect of the great number of blessings and gifts that are within you. That as you continue to develop and work together for the highest, then these abilities and blessings and gifts become manifest as a natural outcome of your efforts. Be true to your souls, for this is the source of all that you may manifest in the world in a spiritual way. Indeed, as you lay the foundation of the Divine Love, so many capacities and manifestations may come of it and come of this great blessing.

My beloved friends, consider yourself as having many gifts, many possibilities manifest through you. Each will be unique in these expressions. Each soul is unique. As you come to God that uniqueness, the beauty of it, the wonderment of it comes to the fore and is resplendent in the light of God’s Touch. May you come to appreciate yourselves and one another and come to see every soul is filled with possibilities, the potentials for many wonderful things. Many wonderful blessings may manifest through them provided the right situation and environment and development. You are developing. You are growing. So, your gifts are growing and awakening. 

May you continue to be in the great blessings of God’s Love. Continue to step forward in this. Continue to explore the many parts of yourself. So much is still hidden, so much to still be discovered. My beloved friends, may you be blessed and blessed fully in the Love of God. I am Mylora and I love you, beloved friends. God bless you.