Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 22, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. The first wave of this flame of disease that has swept over the Earth has now been controlled in many places but continues to burn in others. I come to warn you, beloved souls, that in the near future there will be more that will come to cause havoc in your lives. That these conditions that have brought on such a disease continue to molder within the ground, within the environment of this Earth and will come again. So I urge you to be prepared. Be prepared in your physical needs and to be vigilant as you open your doors and windows and emerge out of your isolation into the world.

I am not suggesting that you continue to isolate but I am warning that when this other wave appears, it will be swift and there will be little time to prepare yourselves for its onslaught. I urge you to be vigilant for yourselves and for your families. I am not giving this warning to bring fear into your hearts, but merely to inform you and to guide you that the world is not as it seems, that there will be continued upheavals and challenges as the world changes. Many manifestations of those changes will continue to be present in your lives and affect you thusly.

You must strong and vigilant. You must continue to pray and be in alignment with God for in this alignment will come all of the guidance that you require to be forthright and to have the protection and the capacity to deal with these conditions. The blessing of the Father’s Love gives each soul deeper perception and understanding. Your heart and that deep place within you that knows so much more than your minds will continue to inform you as to your steps upon this Earth.

As conditions on the Earth become more treacherous and difficult, it is important that you are attuned to those deeper places within to be able to read the signs and warnings that come before the onslaught. The creatures of your Earth, the animals, have these capacities within them. Each soul upon your Earth also has these capacities but few are listened to because humanity continues to nurture the mind as their predominant faculty to live and navigate life.

The mind is a great gift. The mind can perceive many things but in the sense of intuition, as you call it, of knowing things that God brings to each life and to the Earth, the mind is sorrowfully inadequate to understand and perceive these deeper and more subtle things. Your challenge, beloved souls, is to continue to attune yourselves to your souls and to continue in prayer, to open yourselves to the great gift of God’s Love. In this way, those more subtle parts of yourself, your own soul, those intuitive parts will begin to flower in the sunlight of God’s Love so that you will have an extra capacity, a way to understand things that are difficult for many to know and to perceive. In this way, you will be able to help your brothers and sisters, to bring to them an understanding of these waves of change that are coming. As you attenuate yourselves closer to those parts of you that have deeper perception and wisdom and knowledge, so you become a channel of love and blessings for your brothers and sisters and as you prove yourselves with those who are skeptical, who continue to look at you with wariness and mistrust.

Yet when you speak of things that are important, when you demonstrate truth and demonstrate your abilities and gifts, so you affirm the beauty of your soul and the Truth of God working through you, those things within that God has blessed you with, gifts and insights, faculties, perceptions, great capacities for knowledge, for Truth. They are what will indeed assist you upon your journey of life more greatly than all the book knowledge and education that you have received in your life. For this is a time when much of this, this construct of man, will be weak in its capacity to deal with the onslaught of the Earth shuddering in change and reclamation and God’s blessings upon this Earth as well.

There are many forces, beloved souls, that continue to work in your world, that continue to conspire to bring these changes, to upset the human balance, if you will, to bring the natural balance into ascendancy in your world. So much is coming, beloved souls, and you have no true inkling of what and when. This is a blessing, for if you knew all that is coming, it would make for a difficult acceptance of God’s plan for the salvation of humanity.

Remember, these things come not because God wishes to punish His children but rather that His children are continuing to punish themselves by being out of harmony with the Laws of God’s Creation, of not loving and respecting and acknowledging the great Truths and the simple Truths of your existence upon this world. So the harsh conditions of change, of disruption, of challenging each and every one of you in the world will manifest because this is or seems to be the only way by which humanity might learn and grow and seek higher things, for God and for the understanding of their true natures.

God’s plan is to insure that you all come to that place of deeper understanding and that you let go of those things that you cling to so adamantly and with great fear that you will lose so much. Yet, in your world, God has created conditions and laws and many things that may supply for each one of you your needs and even your wants. But when you express yourselves in the world in ways that are contrary to God’s Laws, contrary to Love, contrary to harmony, then there must be a reconciliation, a healing of your world. So it will be and so you have tasted some of this unfortunate response from your world, your Mother Earth, towards those who will continue to ignore the warnings, the situations, the untenable conditions that humanity has created.

The warnings and the signals and the manifestations of change will continue to harass you all until you are able to see more clearly, until you are able to conduct your lives in a way and fashion that is in harmony with God’s Laws. This is very difficult, I know, for many of you for you have lived in certain ways and means and attitudes that are not within this harmonious condition. Yet you are often unaware of this. You often go about your business without consideration of these things. Although you are ignorant of the Laws, it does not mean that the Laws are not affecting and have their expression within your lives.

It is for you, as I have said, to go deeper within yourself, to understand these things of God’s world and to try to harmonize your own thoughts, your own perceptions, your own conditions with that of God. The power of God’s Love, the Divine Love, to assist you in this is great. The power of we, the Angels of Heaven, to come to you and educate and influence you so that you may see more clearly those things that are out of harmony with love, out of harmony with God’s Laws.

Within your soul is a knowing, a wisdom that comes with the blessing of the Divine Love so that you may see clearly, given your efforts to look deeper within yourselves and to be more attuned to those places deep and wise and beautiful and full of God’s Love. So the challenges continue, beloved souls. The challenges will come in waves, will be surprising and will be disruptive. Yet in all of this you will be able to see the wisdom of all that manifests. You will be able to accept with joy that the world is edging towards greater harmony and light through this cleansing process, through all that is manifesting now and will continue to come forward in the world.

It is an intense time, beloved souls. It is indeed a difficult time. Yet, each of you are well aware of the resources that are made available to you to weather these storms, to see with the eyes of your soul what is a great blessing rather than a disparaging condition of pain. Beloved souls, continue to lift yourselves up in prayer. Continue to walk upon this Divine Path in alignment with God. In this way, you will avoid the worst of these conditions and you will emerge strong and clear and in joy and love.

These things of the soul will emerge from you in times of need and strengthen you in times where you need to be strengthened and guide you in times where you may assist your brothers and sisters in the world. Many will feel lost and have great fear. It is for you to reach out and say, “Be calm for the storm will pass and much light and peace and love will come in its stead”. Be true to your true selves, beloved souls. Be true to God and all will come into place in harmony, to provide for you your needs, to bring to you the strength required, to have you in the grasp of God, fully embraced in love and protection and light.

This is our promise to you, beloved souls. We will never leave you, none of you. We will never leave you. We are with you and we will assist you in any way that is possible. What can be manifest through us, channels of God, will be tremendous in its power and ability to protect and uplift and guide you. So much awaits you in a world that continues to change and be in a state of crisis. So much can be given and so much will be given.

May God bless you upon your journeys, each one unique and beautiful, each one loved by God, each one to be guided in accordance to their desire and efforts to be in alignment with God. God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine. I am with you. I will give you my strength as will many angels uphold you and strengthen upon this difficult path and yet necessary path for the balancing of your world, the healing of your world to bring all into harmony. God bless you, beloved souls. Augustine loves you dearly. God bless you.