Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 3, 2019
Location: Punalu’u, Hawaii, USA

I am Jesus. Each of you beloved souls are precious to God and each of you are precious to me. For you are truly my brothers and sisters. You truly seek what I have sought and what I continue to seek which is the awakening of my soul in the Father’s Love. Though I have traveled further upon this path and continued to light the way for you all, know that you are in my heart, that my love for you is great, each one, each one is precious to me. For what glory and joy it brings to me to see another one of my brothers and sisters seek to be with God and to receive his great benediction of Love.

This journey continues for each one of you as it does for myself and all who continue on this Path of Love. It will never end, beloved souls. It is an internal journey, this awakening of which I speak continues forever. The joy that you will feel in your soul will be a joy that cannot be taken from you, nor can it be impinged upon by another. It is a joy that will remain within you forever, a sense of being with God and knowing God, and feeling and recognizing the great Love that God has for each one of you beloved souls. You are blessed. You are blessed with the Truth. You have within you the Light of Truth, that glows and shines and emanates forth in your world. Your world needs each of you to shine forth in all your beauty and glory, your soul awakened and full, beloved souls.

Know that as you travel this road together that the angels of God accompany you and that God’s hand surely rests upon you. Be assured, beloved souls, no matter the situations and conditions you may encounter in your life, know that we are with you and that God is with you, that you will be uplifted. You will continue upon this journey of Light and come to truly know this Truth in all its glory and wonderment. You are God’s children, beloved souls. You have found your way to God and you sip at the well of Love, the Living Waters that God brings to you in ever greater quantities to nourish and awaken your soul. So you will come to know yourselves. So you will come to be with God. So you will come to serve God as a channel of his Love as the beacon of light in the world.

You are his children. We are all God’s children and we continue as a family upon this road of transformation and redemption and Love. It shall continue, beloved souls. I am with you, I am with you all. Know this: that I know each one of you and that my love for you is great and that you will continue to be to be accompanied by an angel which I have chosen to be with each one of you.

This commitment will not fail, nor will it diminish but grow. You will be in the Light, beloved souls. You will continue to be in the light. I am with you, and I love you. May God bless you upon this Path of Love, carrying you ever further into the realms of Light and Truth, joy and peace. The peace that knows no understanding to rest upon you as a mantle and blessing from God. I am with you, beloved souls. I am with you and God’s hand surely does rest upon you. Be at peace, my brothers and sisters. Know the joy of the awakening, the being with God in all God’s glory and wonderment. I am with you. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.