Spirit: Bright Star
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 8, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

My name is Bright Star. I was originally from what you call Vietnam and I am a guide of our dear friend who is new to you. I am also an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom, hence my name. I am bright in Light, in Love. I welcome my friend and the friends that are coming. We have worked very diligently to bring you all together. And there is a plan, my beloved friends, a plan that is far-reaching to bring this Truth of God’s Love and blessings to many.

As you continue to add more and more souls who are yearning for this Love into your circles, so you reach out deeper and further into the world. With this blessing and Light that comes to those souls, so then these blessings touch others who are part of their lives and on it will go, this multiplying of Light in the world, this beautiful Love, as it spreads and touches each soul, this great blessing that brings peace and harmony to the world. There are many spirits here from many different parts of the world, many different cultures and nationalities that are now seeking greater light, greater love, greater truth. So we come together to share this Truth of God’s Love with many for every one person, one soul in the flesh in this circle, there are hundreds more. So your work is far-reaching, my beloved friends. What you are to learn in these circles will indeed help you to continue to expand your awareness, your love, your light and give you the possibility of reaching many others all around the world.

It is because within your souls is a deep longing to help, to assist and to love your brothers and sisters, no matter from where they come, what language they speak, what perspective they have. It is the souls of those who are connected and are reachable yet by love that understands this Truth.

So that, when you bring love, when you are a light, when you embrace all you meet, you communicate truth; you bring the message of love. Those who are receptive will feel comfort from your embrace and will look into your eyes and know that they can trust and be open and know what you have to say is from your heart. This is how God will work through each soul who desires to be a channel of Love in the world. It is in your light, how you are with another, how you are willing to serve and how connected you are to the great Creator of all, that will bring the blessings and Truth to the world.

Many great leaders and teachers have walked the world with humility and grace. The beloved Master, the teacher of Love, taught in this way. It was his gaze, his eyes upon you that uplifted and brought hope to your soul. And it is and will be with you my friends, as the light of your soul continues to shine through your eyes, through your being, bringing a great light, much peace, tranquility and truth.

The world needs to learn to trust again, to reach out again, to be one big family in God’s beautiful world. So you, my beloved friends, need to express this with each day, each time you are out into the world, to walk in love, to be a light, to share God’s Love with others. Think of what you do and what you say, what you think, how you express yourselves in the world and be sure to bring love into all, to express love in all that you do. For the world hungers for love; the souls thirst for love. The minds of those who are lost, still know that love is important and you must give them the signal, the truth that reinforces this truth, that love is most important.

May you all walk with God, beloved souls. May you all see with the eyes of your soul the great Light of God and know His Touch upon you and feel the Grace of Love that emanates from His Great Soul. Be at peace my friends, and know that you are in a bright and beautiful place, blessed by God. Allow your souls to emerge and to expand and absorb this great Light of His Love so that you may bring the Light with you and walk in the Light always.

I am Bright Star and thank you for allowing me to speak. My love, my light is with you all. God bless you, beloved, beloved souls. God bless you.