Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 5, 2023
Location: Sechelt, BC

May the great Love of God flow into your souls, beloveds. I am Mark and I am a Celestial Angel. I have been with this instrument often, and we help to guide a church along its path toward light and those who come to this church.

God assigns us to various tasks upon the Earth plane. God assigns His angels to minister to humanity and to spirits. God assigns each one of you, in your own way, to be a light in the world, to accomplish certain tasks, and to be that instrument of His Will, a channel of His Love in the world. This is how the Laws of God work. For those who are of light shall help those who are not so much of light and who are struggling in darkness. God provides every way and means to help humanity and the darker spirits to find their way to light.

Each soul must yearn for something higher than the condition that it is in. This too elicits many laws to come into action and expression so that the individual may be blessed, may be uplifted, may find their way to greater light. It is those souls upon the Earthly plane who are strong in light and they must be strong in dedication, in prayerful desire to serve God and to serve humanity, before God utilises them to be His channels of light in a consistent way. For many are used in many different ways without even knowing that they are performing a function, some work for God. They do not necessarily have great light within their souls, but for some reason, some situation, some circumstance, God may use them to help awaken, brighten, assist and minister to another. But these are somewhat haphazard conditions and situations where God utilises an individual in this way. It is more of that saying that you have, being in the right place at the right time, that facilitates these blessings for another. 

But I speak of you, beloved souls, those of you who are seeking for the highest, seeking to nourish your souls, seeking to be an instrument of God, to bring the alleviation of suffering, of ignorance, of strife, of pain to humanity. This is a much greater responsibility, and God utilizes those who are willing and strong enough to accept this responsibility in a consistent way. It is not that God resists your desires to serve Him, for He does not. For each one who has a desire, no matter how faint, no matter how meagre, the answering of the Law of Cause and Effect will take place, and you will be utilised in some way.

For those of you who are able to stand forth in the light, to be cleansed of the darkness and the dark inclinations which are so prevalent upon the Earth plane, willing to be guided, willing to be with God, willing to help your brothers and sisters, you are the precious few souls who are truly upon a path that will lead them to greater light. And in so doing, will lead others as they follow, as they are touched by your beautiful souls, your gifts, the shining love within you. Many here are such souls. 

We come to be with you and to uphold you, beloved souls, for you are indeed, precious to us as you are to God. You are indeed individual lights that are shining forth in a dark world. You have the great potential and possibility to affect blessings to many, many souls on your Earthly plane and souls in the dark realms of spirit. For they watch those of you on Earth and they seek from those who are of light upon the Earth. Be that light, beloved souls. Do not give up the search, nor falter, nor have a lack of faith. That you who desire to serve God will indeed do so at God’s bidding and Will. This is the law in action that shall be obeyed, that shall be realised by those of you who, indeed, are in harmony with God’s Laws of Love.

Seek to serve with each day. Seek to be a channel of love. Put aside all those conditions of judgment and fear, those things of the human condition that have their effect upon you. Indeed, you must resist and be disciplined and not engage in these things. It is not that you must be perfect in order to serve God, but you must desire to be in harmony with light, to be true to the desires of your soul and true to the Will of God as much as you are able. For this is a process, beloved souls. It is a progression of awareness, understanding, of greater light and the transformation of your soul that will bring about the beautiful possibilities of being God’s channel of light and love and truth, of blessings, blessings upon blessings. And this, dear and beloved souls, will fulfill you, will bring great joy to your heart, will bring great understanding to your consciousness. So that when you step forward in this way and you experience the blessings of God through you, and you know the upliftment, that feeling of love, of lightness, as you work, as you touch another, as you are His instrument, then you progress along a path that is powerful, transformative. A path that will lead you to greater light and truth and love.

It is, of course, a choice. A choice to be upon this path, a choice as to how you are in the world with each moment, a choice to serve in love. For when you have insight, when your soul grows and awakens, you see the suffering in the world, you see the need that is all about you. If you ignore this, if you do not have any motivation and desire to help uplift another, to serve in whatever way it may be, it may be humble, it may be great, in whatever it is that you might do for God, but you must allow the Will of God to be your will, to be humble rather than filled with a sense of great importance or power or control in the world. Humility has the greatest of power, brings the most beautiful blessings forward as you feel and know the Will of God working through you without your mindful manipulation of it. Rather to allow it to flow freely and beautifully through you. This is humility, beloveds. This is love. 

May you be filled with love. May you come to know your own soul. In so doing, be humble and graceful, joyful and filled with the expression of love flowing and acting through you, beloved souls. This is the goal. This is what we wish for each one of you. This is what God wishes for His children to be in harmony with His Laws of Love. To truly, truly be in the light. 

My beloved souls, may you be blessed deeply. I am Mark and my love for you is great. So, we continue to progress upon this Path Divine. This lighted path that God presents for each of us and gives to us abundantly and with great desire and Will for you to be in the light to walk along the progressive path of truth. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you indeed.