Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 14, 2023
Location: Sechelt, B.C.

May the Father’s love continue to flow into your souls, beloveds, my beautiful and precious students of the truth. You view the truth through your own eyes, in your own way because of the filters that exist within your mind, because of the emotional makeup of each individual who has gone through a life that has been filled with pain and confusion and some love. Each of you struggle to overcome those conditions within you that are not in harmony with the love that God is pouring into your soul. You are finding your way through that maze of the mind that has so many intricate details and conceptions and perceptions about the nature of life and about the nature of your own personal life. 

As you interact in the world, there is a core truth that God’s Love is within you shining forth, and secondarily, there is the truth of your mind’s conception of reality. This is projected into the world as well. At times, the power of God’s Love shines through more fully and resolutely and clearly through the world as you walk upon it, At other times those mindful conceits are projected and layered upon the mindful conceits of all those around you, creating what is the human condition with all its chaos and all its error and all its inaccuracies.

We are teaching you the truth and how to live the truth. You are learning the lessons of  living the truth through the filters of your own mind. Thus, there are certain core beliefs and behaviors that are not necessarily in harmony with God’s Love that need to be addressed, and they are addressed through various circumstances and  experiences in your life. Often you are most willing to ignore the inequities of your behavior, for they are so ingrained within you that you do not see them as something untoward or in need of healing or correction. There are times when situations and opportunities arise to learn which come forward and you are confronted with a particular condition or situation that has not been in harmony with love. In these cases, I urge you all to be open and receptive to the possibilities of changing your perspectives, harmonizing that perspective with the truth of love, the truth of God’s Laws of Love. In this way, you grow and you change. Your overt behavior in the world is crucial in the work that you have all dedicated yourselves to. It is important to be aware, not as a child who feels burdened with guilt and a sense that they are wrong and need punishment. No, this is not the case and this is not what I am speaking about. 

Rather, embrace each day as an opportunity for growth, for learning, to understand yourself and understand others. For it is in clear and true communication with one another that true understanding comes, compassion comes, love comes with honesty, integrity and clarity. Together, you must practice this form of interaction of coming together in harmony, of truthfulness and at times it is not an easy conversation. At times it can be uncomfortable. Yet, since you are upon the Divine Path and the Love of God shines through each of you, then resolution must come. Harmony must come. Clarity and truth must come and in this way, all that is between you that is not in harmony must be resolved and dissolved by love. 

So, you are given opportunities to be together, to communicate, to share, to work together, to share in the spoils of God’s Love and to uphold one another in the light of God’s Love. If you cannot do this among yourselves, then how can you do this in the world? It is with humility that you must see yourselves and those parts of yourselves that are not in harmony with the laws that you well know and the love that you well feel. The mind often trips you up and we have explained this in many different ways from many different directions. For within the mind is a very different reality than that of the soul. So, we are urging you to sink deep within yourselves and to find the reality of the soul which is truth, which is of light, which is in harmony with God’s laws which, when in alignment with your conscious self, an expression of light, a powerful light through you into the world. 

There are days when you are truly in alignment in this way and there are days when you are not, and thus, you are human. Thus we have great compassion for you because of the impediment of being human and all that this entails. So we persist and are patient and continue to be with you, to teach you, to uphold you and to inspire you because we, too, were once human. We, too, understand the challenges and so, we cannot judge you or condemn you. But we must teach and uphold you so that you may find your way upon the path of truth and love and express it with every breath that you take. What a formidable channel of light and love and truth you will make if this is your reality, your expression in the world, and you are each working towards this goal. Each of you are well aware of those things within you that are challenging and difficult and inharmonious. Indeed, we and God allow you the time and pacing of your cleansing and purifying and correcting of mindful things so that you are truly that child of God, in harmony with His laws, a true channel of love, clear and bright and beautiful.

Each of you sense and know this aspect of yourself, this beautiful soul that you possess and is growing in the Father’s Love. So, we together shall continue upon our path of love, our path of healing, our path of truth and this is the foundation of your life. You cannot turn back. Merely you must move forward. Yet, at times, moving forward means reconciling your erroneous beliefs and ideas that originate from a life’s experience and bring them into harmony, allowing those things that are not in harmony to fall away so that you are free and clear of these conditions. None of you are immune from these conditions that reside within your mind. They are there. They are very evident to us and we wish for them to be very evident to yourself, so that you may address them and release them. For in God’s mercy and love, all of these things may be healed readily. It is only your resistance, how you hold on to these conditions, these hurts, these  biases and prejudices that are lodged within your mind.

The mind is no match to the mind of the soul which is growing in strength and perception and capacity to overshadow and to incorporate the material mind so that all will indeed be in harmony in time, and you are upon this road, truly upon this road. I applaud you all with your efforts to consider those things that are not in harmony and to acknowledge and have faith and those things that are growing within you that are in harmony. 

You are well on the road. Yet there are always conditions and situations and constructs in your mind that persist and thus, God will give you the opportunities to see them. God will furnish the situation, the interaction, the dynamics that will help you to see them clearly for what they are. This comes as you pray to be cleansed and purified by the Father’s Love, to be a clear and beautiful channel for God, to be a light in the world. This is an answer to your prayers. This is a gift given by God so that you may resolve these conditions once and for all. Thereby, when your time comes to enter into the world of spirit, you will have saved yourself much time upon an arduous journey of purification. You will then be afforded the opportunity to step into beautiful conditions in the spirit world where you may reside in great joy,  happiness and purposeful work for greater light. All this comes as a benefit to your efforts. Is this not worth your while, beloveds? It is a greater reward than anything in the material world could ever offer you. It is a reward so wondrous and joyful and magnificent that when your time comes and you look back upon the path of your life, you will see that you’ve made wise and gracious choices towards light, and how wondrous is God’s blessings upon you and will continue to befall upon you, beloved souls.

Yes, the journey is hard at times but all of the rewards, all the blessings, all of the light that comes in the graciousness of God’s Touch, His love. You are surrounded by angels, you are given and afforded every opportunity to grow and to give. Your life is rich and beautiful beyond measure. You are blessed, beloveds, deeply blessed by God. May God continue to awaken you to the truth, to bring you to truth, to help you to express truth in your life. You are on the highest road and you have come to know the greatest truth. 

May you find your way ever further up this incline toward greater light. It is freely given to you, beloved souls. It is merely subject to your will and desire. May you continue to grow in this truth and love. May you be blessed. I am your teacher, Augustine and I love you so, my beloved students. I love you so. God bless you. God bless you in the truth of God’s love. God bless you.