Spirit: Professor Salyards
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 15, 2023
Location: Sechelt, BC

 It is your Professor Salyards here. I’m very pleased that each of you have gone into your hearts and souls to discern and to feel the harmony of your decisions and your efforts. This is the foundation for any effort, any project that you may take on as a channel for God’s Love and Truth in the world. Though you must use your minds, of course, to discern and segment your time together, but the content of that time, the intention of that time comes from the wisdom of your soul rather than the deductions of your mind.

Now that you have straightened out, so to speak, this Gordian knot of ideas and you feel comfortable and lighthearted about it, is this not a good indication that you are doing God’s Will, that you are upon the trajectory of God’s intentions for this gathering? It is a good lesson, a good example of any circumstance in your life where there is a tension, a feeling of disharmony, a sense that something is not right, and you have come to sound the depths of your soul to understand why and to come to that place of discernment and reconciliation. 

So it is with everything, beloved souls. To utilise the gifts of your soul, which God is nurturing and growing within you with His Love, is the purpose and the focus of your spiritual progression. As you continue to receive the great gift of God’s Love, so you will come to know the truth that lies within, the wisdom that is within your soul and those feelings that direct you one way or another through the maze of the human condition and the maze of your own minds. Have faith in your souls, beloveds. Have faith in what may come from that place. And be aware when you are feeling untoward and things are not right within you, that this is a signal that there is something to be recognised and to be reconciled within and with your actions intended. 

Beloveds, you are all a light. Even those of you who feel that you do not know your own soul, I say to you that you do. It’s just that you have an idea, a perception of what that is, and often it is not like that at all. Rather, you have a sense that comes to your mind, an idea that is inspired into your consciousness. If this is given by God or the angels, it must come through the soul and rise up into your consciousness. This is the soul speaking to you. This is God speaking to you through your soul. 

You are on the track, the road to knowing God and to being God’s instruments. Do not underestimate the process in which you are God’s instruments. How that may be will be unique to each one of you. Be true to this. Be curious about it. Be joyful that God is indeed communicating, that you are indeed being guided and that this guidance shall flow and continue to flow in ever strengthening measures towards clarity and light and harmony. God bless you my friends. I am with you often. I shall be with you often, especially in your gathering times. 

My love is with you. Your Professor Salyards loves you dearly. God bless you.