Spirit: Luke
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 4, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Bless you, beloved souls, I am Luke. You seek unity and unity is yours in prayer. It is yours as you receive and acknowledge the blessing of God’s Love, as you walk in the Light of God’s Love, as you are a child of God within the flow of His Love. What each of you construct within your minds as the truth is a temporary situation. For as you grow in Love, as your souls awaken and expand in Love, so your ideas and perceptions of truth change, for the soul begins to inform the mind. The experience of God opens up the channels of truth and understanding to your consciousness.

Though you may disagree with another’s perceptions of truth, realize, beloved souls, that each of you and all of humanity continues to walk a path towards truth and that perspective, as you move along this holy journey of awakening the soul, it will change and evolve as your perceptions are enlivened by Love, as your knowings that come with your experiences with God, are awakened within your soul.

For the power of this Love brings Truth. The understanding of God’s Creation is awakened as the soul is enlivened by Love. In time, there will be no confusion, beloved souls, amongst any of you. There will only be that silent recognition, that embrace, that knowing amongst you that does indeed bring the quiet, still Voice of God. For each of you this is coming. For some of you, you have already recognized this voice and this Truth. Yet, for any of you to express this Truth in all clarity and accuracy, it is still difficult, for your minds and your souls have not yet merged together into one harmonious awareness and understanding of Truth. But it comes, beloved souls. The barriers are healed and wiped away. The error becomes more obvious and in this, the Truth takes its place. What seems a mystery today will not be so tomorrow.

You will come to know Truth in all its depth and beauty and wonderment. For you come to know your own souls, beloveds. You come to know that part of you that was so hidden and now comes to life, and comes before you as a beautiful flower unfolding. You come to appreciate the complexities and depth of your own being that God has created in all its wonderment. In this you will know a deep joy. In this will come a depth of wisdom, a strength of knowing, a surety, and a capacity to love that is beyond the human capabilities and stretches into the Divine.

For this is your destiny, beloved souls, for each of you to release those conditions and those parts of you that are enmeshed in the human condition and to evolve and awaken to the Divine understandings and that which is alive within your soul, fraught with the gift of God’s Love. This comes ever so slowly, but I see within each one of you, since you have been making these efforts to pray together in this unusual way, that you are growing, your lights are brightening, your perceptions are deepening, your sense of Truth begins to emerge and be clear to you. As each petal of the flower of your soul unfolds, so new awakenings come.

It is this journey of awakening and knowing your true self that will bring all the answers that you seek, that will unify you all in Love, and will bring true understanding of who you are, the beauty of your own soul. In all of this, God will be with you. You will know God’s Love in its intensity and power and glory You will feel joy, immense joy, as you are released from the human condition and enjoin us in the Divine, in knowing that great reality and Creation of God that is His Soul and all that is manifest from His Soul.

There are many awakenings, countless awakenings that are coming, beloved souls. Each day has the potential to shift your consciousness and understanding further and further from the darkened conditions of the world to that place of awakened souls, close to God, in harmony with all that God has created, in harmony with yourself and all around you. This is coming. It emerges ever so slowly, but the efforts that you make bring you close beloved souls, bring you close to the Truth, to unity and to Love.

God bless you, beloveds. God bless you. I am Luke and I love you, beloved souls.