Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 22, 2019
Location: Cruise Ship, Florida, USA

I am your teacher Augustine. I cannot resist this opportunity to speak to you about your choices and the power of your own free will concerning your life. God has granted you many opportunities, blessings, gifts, aspects of your being that when in harmony, will propel your life into light and harmony. But because you live upon the Earth plane and are mortal, there are many choices that you do make that are not in harmony with light, health, peace, and love.

We who have lived upon this Earth at one time understand your struggles, that which continues to thwart your efforts to bring a deep joy into your life. Yet, you persist, beloved souls. You persist upon a course of action which is both of light and not of light. For your choices, determined by each breath, have their consequences and their benefits. I have heard you pray many times, beloved souls, for relief from your pain, relief from difficult circumstances, issues that bring confusion and even anger. You go to God and say, “Please Lord, remove these conditions from me. Help me to be uplifted in light, to release these conditions that are blatantly not of light.” Yet, after your prayer, often you continue to encourage these conditions by your actions. You do not wish to see deeply your own choice, the power of your choice, the power of free will in life. Often when you do see this, how you have erred, there is a sense of guilt, a sense of being downtrodden.

Beloved souls, I do not wish for you to indulge yourself in such thoughts, but to realise that each moment is a collaboration between yourself and God. God will uplift you. God will bless you. His Love will pour into your soul and continue to change the conditions within your soul, that they may be transformed and brought into harmony and be awakened and expand in love. Yes, the power of God’s Love is greater than all powers, even free will. But as you walk upon this plane, you surely must see that the power of free will in your lives and all lives on this plane, is great and continues to draw each soul away from harmony, from God. So, your struggles continue.

There are conditions that bring a great deal of pain in your life, conditions that most often you have created yourself over long years of choices that are not in harmony with love. When you look at your own condition, it is hard for you to see your own choice in this. As you say, it is difficult to see the forest through the trees in your life. But each element and aspect of your life, you continue to nurture and to choose.

You have a great responsibility in terms of the awakening of your soul. For, without choice for light and harmony, you cannot step forward. God will not override your free will. God merely waits patiently and lovingly for you to change your choices, to adjust your thinking, to change those patterns that are not in harmony with the laws of your creation. Yes, this is often difficult, for these patterns are not readily seen or acknowledged. Those that are, often you feel as if you are a victim of your own mental conditioning, those choices that you have made over many years of life. Yet you persist, beloved souls. You seek to better yourself, to nurture your soul in prayer, to seek God with a sort of innocence and faith that says, “I know that you will change me and heal me.” But God will not heal the condition of which you pray to be released and changed if within your mind you continue to persist. This is not in harmony with God’s Laws. But when you are sincere, not only in your mind but your soul, when there is an earnestness, a true desire for repentance and change, then you set into motion many things that will encourage change and bring healing.

You see your angel friends orchestrate the benefits of your life in many ways and we work diligently to do so, but they must be in harmony with God’s Will and God’s Laws. No spirit can override God’s Laws. There is a law that says you must be responsible for yourself. You must come to the awareness, awaken to the reality of your own condition, both mentally, physically, and spiritually. In this way, you walk in light. You choose harmony. Even though you may not understand all the details and conditions that might have brought suffering to yourself, within your soul is a deep faith, a deep trust in God that there will be change, that God will put within you the impetus and the strength to shift your thinking, to override, through your will, the old patterns of your life. But you cannot expect God to wave His Hand upon you and say, “You are now healed from all that ails you, all that brings pain to you,” for this is not the way of life in His Universe. Since you are the greatest of His Creations, endowed with many gifts, endowed with the power of free will, you must look upon this gift of life as a wonderment, but also the necessity of understanding and looking deeply into the elements of your life. When you come to a place of deep understanding and you sincerely go to God to ask for His healing, to ask for greater strength and awareness of these parts of yourself, then these gifts will be given, provided you are serious and your desire is not just something that is a correction that comes from your mind, but a deep desire for change from your soul.

I am sorry to be so serious beloveds, but these lessons are important. I have given them often over the years and continue to remind you of your responsibilities, the power of your own free will. When you open to God in all sincerity, indeed God places within you the impetus for change. But often there is the shock of a deep awareness of your own motivations. In this, you have a choice to shrink away from this realization or to move forward with wisdom and strength, to bring change to your life. Most true and powerful gifts, most light and love and awakenings come with the deep struggle within you to wake up to who you truly are. Know each day brings that, that beloved and deep understanding of the soul.

May God continue to awaken you, beloveds. May His Love continue to bring the strength, to bring the awakenings, to open those parts of you that willfully desire to be ignorant and not to take responsibility of your own actions. This is being human, beloved souls. Yet, you have aspired towards the transformation of your souls. This can only happen as you continue to awaken to those elements within you that are not in harmony with God’s blessing of His Love. Yet many blessings come to you, dear and beloved souls, many upliftments, encouragements, the loving touch of the angels upon you, God’s Holy Spirit continuing to awaken your soul. All of these gifts, God gives freely in hopes that you will choose light and awaken to love. The power of His Love within your soul will surely bring you to that place, though it is your choice as to the timing and the power of that awakening.

Beloveds, continue to pray that God will help you to see yourself and to see yourself with deep compassion and a deep strength that will bring you to a place of true acknowledgement, desiring to change and implementing that change on all levels of your being. The journey of life is a great gift. The journey of life is full of challenges and blessings. The journey that you have elected to take has within it the deepest of all blessings, the greatest of all powers to bring change and transformation and relief from your pain and ignorance and misunderstandings. For with love comes Truth. With Truth comes awakening on all levels of your being as His Love continues to ignite every part of you, every part of you, to come closer to that which is in harmony as you intuitively understand the laws of your own creation. With that intuition comes an awakening, a conscious awakening, of your potentials and the laws of your creation.

May you continue to release all conditions that are barriers to love, all things that do not promote and sustain strength and harmony and wisdom and love. God will carry you upon this road. He will take you where you must go, provided you are willing, that you exercise your faith and allow the Truth to unfold within you. May you be deeply blessed, beloveds. May you be deeply blessed and know the touch of His Love, its power to awaken, to heal, to bring peace and harmony. The Father wants all good, all grace, all love and harmony to be in your lives, to be a powerful manifestation of your being. The grace of His Love will bring this so and you will come to know yourself and to change in radical and wondrous ways, through the power of His Love.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher, Augustine and I love you. I have great compassion for your struggles. Yet, I must teach you the truth in ways that you may understand and come to see the journey forward in light. God bless you, beloveds. Your teacher, Augustine, loves you. God bless you.