Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 8, 2020
Location: Gibson’s, BC

Beloved Souls, children of God’s Grace and Love who come to pray together, I am Seretta Kem and I’ve come to speak to you about an important subject:  How to discern between the mindful understanding of a spiritual experience and that of the soul. In your material world much that is experienced, dissected, understood, analyzed and observed in your life relies upon the engagement of your mind. Your mind processes all the feelings, visual input, ideas and perceptions of all sorts both tactile and visual.  So the mind is kept very busy indeed, discerning between one experience and another, bringing it to consciousness and memory.  And so it is with one’s spiritual life, the mind interprets whatever experience in prayer comes to you.  You find yourselves trying to engage the mind to understand, to analyze and make clear your experiences.  Yet when one prays for God’s Love, when one prays to be close to God and to be in God’s Grace, as an active request, a prayer reaching from your soul and in God’s response, the soul experiences His blessings.  Yet for you, and for many in your world and for all the millions upon millions of experiences and prayers, religious expressions and spiritual expressions, these things are recognized by the mind primarily and the soul’s particular experience is not well recognized or understood.  It is buried deep within.  The soul relies upon the faculties of the soul which are enlivened by the blessing of God’s great Love. However, when these faculties are not strong, are not clear and  not robust in their wakefulness within the soul, this experience tends to have a background expression within your consciousness and thereby the mind takes dominance and categorizes that experience in accordance to the information and knowledge that is within the mind.  These interpretations are quite complex and quite different often from the experience of the soul. The experience of the soul is not well understood by many who are traveling the spiritual path. They do not understand the difference between soul and mind and so they become engaged with an intellectual idea as to what their experience has been when being within the flow and blessing of God’s touch.

The mystics of old often have come to a place of knowing the soul and many mystics have not been well understood nor acknowledged.  Many do not know what to think of these individuals’ experiences.  They do not correlate well with the mind and an ordered life.  And yet, these precious souls that have experienced such ecstasy, such communion and connection with the Creator cannot deny that they have had an opening of the soul awakened by this gift and experience from God. Your beloved friend, Yogananda is one who has had these experiences while on earth and continues to teach you all of his understanding of them.  He is one who knew his soul well while on Earth. Yet even he laid upon these experiences many interpretations and ideas which he gleaned from his life in Eastern thought and philosophy. Such is the power of the mind and when a soul is released from this material world and enters into the spiritual world, they often feel liberated from the tyranny of the mind and can understand more clearly the wonderment that is the soul. When you encounter an individual who has strong ideas and beliefs about their spiritual life and has a strong desire to categorize each experience, putting these experiences within the framework and structure of their belief system and  stubbornly clings to a rigid ideas of a soulful experience, have compassion, beloved souls. Have compassion for their situation and expectation in life.  You have all been taught to think in these ways, to be entrapped within the mind only and so it is very difficult indeed to go beyond that place, though many have had the spiritual experience, the feeling, the sense of their connection with God at a particular time and place.  Soon enough they retreat back to their beliefs and ideas and interpretations.  This is the way of the world, and so the challenge for you as we have said many times, is to put aside your mindful reckonings and your desire to categorize, to intellectualize, to place within certain parameters of thought and idea your experience with God.  This insistence continues to limit your experience, beloved souls.  The mind is eager to analyze and to be comforted by an explanation that is acceptable to the mind and yet these things of the soul, this experience of the soul receiving the gift of God’s Love that awakens the faculties of the soul are contrary to the workings of the mind.  They are very different indeed and this is why we suggest that you require a deep faith in these experiences, a trust and allowing of this shift this major and deep shift of consciousness of the soul from the mind. Though I use words to analyze and describe and try to inspire and teach, this is a contradiction in terms is it not?  For I too set forth parameters about this experience. I too try to describe from the mind of this instrument what it is that I wish to convey to you all, and so this dilemma and contradiction continues as we engage in our pursuits and desire to grow and experience the wonderment of our own souls. 

There will be a time for each of you, given enough of the experience receiving God’s Love, where such words will be unnecessary.  Such explanations will be irrelevant and there will be no limitations to the experience of your soul engaged with God’s Soul.   Until that day comes, we must make do with the situation we are in, this relationship that we forge together. You with the angels of God and the angels of God with mortals in the world.  It is an alliance that is fraught with pitfalls and misunderstandings and yet God brings us together, does He not?  God shows us the way to be with one another, together in this Grace of God’s Love which you all feel and know is present. This Grace will dictate the environment, the conditions from which we will be together and be in prayer together.  It is that knowing of God’s Love, the grace of His touch upon us all and His presence with us, that these elements will create a foundation of the experience, knowledge and understanding of the Soul coming to wakefulness, responding and yearning for the touch of God. That which the soul is made and created to be in God’s Grace in this beautiful and wondrous relationship with the Creator.  We in the Celestial Heavens who are closer to God in this way and know God deeply, and wish to come to you and encourage you to come to God as we come to God: open and receptive, innocent and with the deep desire of the soul to know its own self, allowing your full being to be engaged and immersed in the grace of God.  This experience, this awareness, this acceptance and this grace will provide for you everything that you need and require to know and understand regarding the Truth of God’s Love.  Words can only bring a dim image of the Truth.  Experience of your soul with God is the reality of which we speak and teach, encouraging you to come towards. Releasing the expectations of your mind and allowing the wisdom and Truth of your soul to guide you to that place of communion and love.

So much awaits you, beloved souls.  So much has come to you already and so much more will come. Be at peace.  Be at peace and know that you are loved.  Know that at any moment you may reach out to God and know this sacred touch upon your soul and as you do so, you will truly come to know that place within you, that true self that is you. To be in the grace, the Truth, the joy, the beauty, the wonderment of God touching your soul and bringing you into atonement. May God bless you on that journey my beautiful friends.  It is the one journey that shall open the doors of your curiosity, your desire and need to know. Your mind will find its answers provided you allow your soul to be in ascendency, the wisdom and perceptions of your soul feeding your mind.  The truth of your soul acquiescing the mind’s desire for that dim reflection of Truth.  God bless you, beloveds.  God bless you.  My love is with you.  I am Seretta Kem.  Thank you for listening to me today.  God bless you.