Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 25, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

May God bless your souls deeply with His Love. My dear and beloved brothers and sisters, I am Jesus. I come to speak to you about the soul. I wish to tell you that I will come as often as I might to bring further teachings to you, teachings that began with my ministry upon the Earth plane and were expanded through the mediumship of James Padgett. Now I will use this instrument to bring further teachings to this world.

So I come to speak of the soul. My beloved brothers and sisters, in truth you know very little about your own soul. You certainly are unaware of the power of your own soul. Since you are all in the beginnings of the wondrous journey of awakening the soul through God’s Love, what you understand and experience to date is merely a shadow of what will come in your awakening. But I tell you, even those who are somewhat awakened in the world may be powerful channels of love and transformation for the power of God’s Love within a soul, continuing in its inexorable journey of transforming and healing the soul will have an effect upon your world.

There is much that you can do already as you discover your own selves and the beauty of your own souls. You will find yourselves upon a path that will awaken many perceptions and also awaken many gifts. There will come to you a deep understanding of the ways of the world that God has created, for you already know much of the ways that man has created. You live in this reality day in and day out. You have been well-versed and educated in these ways but these ways are often contrary to God’s Laws and God’s intentions for the world.

So as you progress by receiving the Divine Love within your souls, you will have a deep sense of the conflict between the reality of God and the reality of man. You carry this dichotomy within yourselves as your minds are so very active and powerful , reinforcing and creating the reality of your lives. Yet the soul attuned to God but constricted by the encrustations created in life continues to struggle and break free somewhat like a new and beautiful duckling must break free from the shell it is created in. For the reality of the mind is like a shell. It is brittle and in its own way, it is strong. Humanity has spent eons of time creating this almost impenetrable reality.

What you call reality is merely the illusions of the mind. The mind is powerful. It can create and influence the reality of your world. It is a progenitor of reality, or perception of reality, that makes for an individual a powerful truth that is hard to release and dissolve. The soul, however, is more powerful once it is ignited with the gift of the Divine Love. The soul will in time overtake and absorb the material mind. In the absorption of this reality of the material mind will come a new perception and understanding of the world, a world in which God is a part of, a world in which your soul is alive within.

We urge you to awaken. This is the awakening of which we speak, that your soul’s perceptions and the mind of your soul may not create a new reality, but instead accept and appreciate the reality of God, the reality that God has created. It is an integration into the reality of God that is so required and necessary at this time in the history of humanity, for the power of humanity’s creation has run amok and has upset the balance and the harmony of God’s Creation in your world. It is time for the truth and reality of the soul to take precedence, to be strong, and its transformative qualities take part in God’s plan to heal the world and bring it back to balance and harmony so that God’s Truth and God’s reality may reign supreme in your world. As such, humanity will discover its own potentials and will discover true joy in harmonizing with God’s Will.

Humanity will not lose anything in this process of awakening. Instead, humanity will gain the world in a way that it has never imagined and could never imagine with his material mind. For this awakening into a new world will come with the mind of the soul and the capacities of the soul in harmony with God’s Will and God’s Laws to bring about peace on Earth and love for all. This is God’s plan for your world. It has been in the making since the beginning. God had great hopes that the first parents would indeed aspire towards this plan and its outcomes but as you know, this has not happened.

Now a new invitation has been issued. This invitation is in earnest because humanity has grown so very powerful and reckless and unable to control its impulses and desires for power, for control, to gain all that the world has to offer and yet to do so in a way that does not allow for the world to replenish.

My beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters, you are on the verge of a new beginning, a time of transformation, of healing, and eventual peace and harmony. May you find within yourselves the reserves, the strength, the faith, the light, the wisdom, and the love to venture forth as instruments of God, as instruments of change, as instruments of truth, and most of all, as instruments of love, so to bring the light of love into the world, to be God’s clear channels expressing truth and love, healing, peace, truth in all its forms, the expressions of your gifts of the soul.

So much is possible if you are willing, if you indeed pray to receive the great gifts that God has to give you, the gift of His Essence igniting all other gifts, the gifts of His guidance and protection allowing you to move in the world as a light, His gifts of Truth that you may be able to teach others and express these Truths in many ways, an example for others to follow.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am your brother. I am Jesus, the Master of the Celestial Heavens, and my love for you is great, beloved souls, great indeed. I thank you for listening to my words. May you take them into your souls and bring them to be your own truth and understanding. That you may awaken in truth and know the joy, the deep joy of God’s Love. God bless you, beloveds. I am with you and I love you. God bless you.